If the Democrats had their way, your freedom of choice would not exist, you would not have liberty, your life or the ability to pursue happiness. Mao, Stalin, Chavez, Hitler, Castro and the rest of the CREW would see to it. The young mind has been warped, molded to perfection by the social scientist sitting in academia. Yes the teacher has done his/her job well, imprinting the young ones with a socialist mindset, warping brains, altering DNA and graduating zombies.

Empirical evidence is obvious one size does not fit all buy to the social scientist, the authoritarian it does. Their propaganda says so. In the United States, according to our Constitution, every man is free to “pursue happiness.” The Democrats don’t want it that way, they look at us as robots to be programmed with their socialist agenda.

Bell Curves have time and again indicate that human beings have a multitude of differences, highlighting cognitive ability differences that exist between individuals, races and cultures. There are the obvious outliers, but overall the curve indicates that measurable differences do exist. That is not in question.

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