Democrats spewed vile hatred “wit da mout” casting blame for the dual tragedies that took place yesterday. El Paso and Dayton were the scene of mass shootings by deranged individuals who most likely suffered the evils of society. Demons in their minds were beyond their control causing them to literally execute innocent victims. We don’t know what their mental state was for them to do this, but not a second went by before the Democrats blamed Trump and “assault weapons” for the shootings. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Very few mass murders took place prior to the Obama presidency. Of the 25 mass murders in the United States, 16 happened subsequent to 2008. As stated below three took place in individual residences and one in a casino, three were committed by Muslim extremist, the Pulse nightclub was the worst massacre executed by a Muslim whose allegiance was to ISIS. Additionally, we note that the Virginia Tech killer was able to secure a weapon due to a government mix-up. Just tallying the above we are left with 17 random killings. Perhaps authorities ought to look at the circumstances more closely that provoked these atrocities because we have never been more divided. May we suggest those that cast blame ought look inside their house first.

Las Vegas shooting2017
Orlando nightclub shooting  2016
Virginia Tech shooting  2007
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting2012
Sutherland Springs church shooting2017
Luby’s shooting  1991
San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre  1984
El Paso shooting2019
Stoneman Douglas High School shooting2018
University of Texas tower shooting  1966
Edmond post office shooting1986
San Bernardino attack2015
Fort Hood shooting2009
Camden shootings  1949
Wilkes-Barre shootings1982
Wah Mee massacre1983
Columbine High School massacre1999
Binghamton shootings2009
Aurora theater shooting2012
Washington Navy Yard shooting2013
Thousand Oaks shooting2018
Virginia Beach shooting2019
Easter Sunday massacre1975
Pittsburgh synagogue shooting2018
Palm Sunday massacre1984
Geneva County massacre2009
Santa Fe High School shooting2018

The Easter and Palm Sunday massacres and the Wilkes-Barre Shootings took place in individuals residences. Wah Mee massacre took place in a casino. The Edmond postal shooting’s venue was at the post office where the killer took retribution on co-workers. In 2009 the Muslim killer went on a rampage killing 13 fellow marines. San Bernadino attack was the work of Muslim extremists from Pakistan. People kill, not guns.

Our hearts do out to the victims and their families. May they find peace ahead. Loss of a love one will be with them until they die. So have empathy for their behavior, show them you care. And may peace be with them and you.

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