Let no one tell you anything different. America was built on Capitalism. Libraries, City Halls, Colleges, Grammar/High Schools, Hospitals, Highways, State Capitol Buildings and the Capitol itself in Washington, D.C. was built by philanthropists and hard working, taxpaying citizens of the United States.

Socialism has built nothing; what they have done in every country that it took hold is to destroy everything. We are prepared to meet the socialist threat head on. Count on it.

What socialists want is what we have, nothing less, nothing more. Their agenda is to destroy the benefits that they now have. ANTIFA thugs are out to wage a urban war. Their attempt to reach critical mass is so far been a dismal failure. Well-to-do and middle class people of Color have not thrown in with them. They know in their hearts that the American dream blesses them daily. They also know that Americans want all people to succeed regardless of color, belief or nationality.

To those who want to bring us down we say to them, get the hell out when the getting is good. We have a few words for those who are Anti-American, ” if you don’t like it here go to another country, we will pay for a one way ticket.”

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