Will the real Joe Biden please stand up. America wants to know who you really are. Are you a hanger on, a follower, a lying cheat or just a typical brain dead corrupt politician? America wants to know the real Joe Biden.

But we have gotten a glimpse this past week; your action and mouth speaks for it self; we now have a good idea of who you really are. You are a shake down artist, a corrupt deep state operative. You have learned your trade well Joe. And to top it off you are a good teacher Joe, we commend you on that, ask your son Hunter, he will confirm your expertise. Surprisingly your son, a cocaine buzzed kid with years of drug infusion doped up well for situations that demand it. Kudos to the kid for adopting the teachings of his dad.

Trump: Biden And Son “A Disgrace,” If We’re Supporting Ukraine, It’s Important To Talk About Corruption

On his way to a meeting advocating religious liberty around the world Monday morning at the United Nations in New York, President Trump answered questions about his lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s allegations of corruption regarding Joe Biden and Ukraine and new calls from Democrats for his impeachment regarding conversations he had about the issue with the president of Ukraine.

“What Biden did is a disgrace. What his son did is a disgrace. His son took money from Ukraine. The son took money from China,” Trump said.

Hunter Biden was on the board of an energy company, Burisma, that was the subject of a corruption probe. VP Biden tells the Poroshenko government that if the prosecutor is not fired, he, Biden, will see to it that the promised billion dollar aid package will be put on hold.

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