You don’t have to watch the media to get a look at the havoc, hate, hazards, heckling and howling by the progressive left who are leaving nothing on the table leading up to the 2020 elections. They won’t stop their spewing of left wing socialist diatribe. By the way all of their brains have been infected by the propaganda machine that sold them on the new green deal.

That machine was the primary and secondary brain washing education industry. You have seen their work in local and state politics. Individuals thrust themselves into the agenda proposing far left ideas hoping some of their outrageous proposals will stick. They are dangerous people who idolize Castro, Chavez and Che and most of all subscribe to violence to achieve the ultimate takeover of society.

They then call out those who don’t subscribe to their goals as deplorables. For instance transgender bathrooms where a biological male can now use a female bathroom. These are the types of things we face, you face, your child faces. Sanctimony does not exist anymore. God is dead.

Our team was caught in the recent hurricane Dorian. This resulted in no posting for the past week. We apologize for this. Thank you for understanding.

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