What we are seeing today is an attempted take-down of a legitimately elected president. The progressive scum on the other side has from Day 1 gone after President Trump. The recent vote manifested their hate. However, all is not lost. Before the November 4, 2020 election we shall see things falling into place.

Behind closed doors the wheels of justice are working. Ask the Demorats? They are afraid of John Durham, a no holds bard prosecutor. In addition, Inspector General, Michael Horowitz will soon release his findings of how, what, why and who broke the law when submitting documentation to the FISA court. Expect a bombshell on this one. But before the final months of the elections, most likely September 2020 we will see the chains being brought out.

Expect the likes of Brennan, McCabe, Comey, Rice, Page, Hillary Clinton, yes “Lock her Up” and ex-President Obama to be on the receiving end of an indictment or subpoena. Those are the main players, lower dirt bags of the Deep State will also feel the full pressure and weight of the law.

When this happens, the Public will finally understand how crooked our government is. Everyone covering everyone’s ass, no matter what the crime. Fortunately we have an Attorney General who has no allegiance to the Deep State. Barr has their scent, is on their trail and will soon track them down. This does not bode well for the Demorats come November 2020.

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