To put it bluntly, the “STATE OF THE UNION” is divided. You think it was bad prior to the Civil War, today we have the devise politics in the past two hundred years.. Radical leftists, revolutionary types, political operatives, perpetrators of fake news, ANTIFA, lying politicians and outright Marxist apparatchiks, are out to stir up trouble. Their objective is to destroy the country. They care little or nothing about the Constitution. To them outright anarchy is the solution. Only then will they be able to prevail over the populace and that is with a gun made by the capitalists they are seeking to destroy.

On February 4th 2020, President Trump will walk into the House of Representatives to not only a Standing Ovation, but one given only to Kings and Queens. Expect upwards of five hundred billion worldwide to tune in. Sitting next to Vice President Pence will be the Speaker of the House. This will be a real spectacle not seen in modern times. To see President Trump, the conqueror, come face to face with the conquered.

Expect a multitude of STANDING ROOM OVATIONS FROM THE REPUBLICAN SIDE, but we can bet not one of the Democrat ACCUSERS will stand and cheer during the STATE of the UNION.

When Donald J. Trump walked into the White House in 2016, he was determined to drain the swamp. This was a threat to those whose lives depended on feasting off its goodies. We don’t have to tell you, but Hunter Biden is the quintessential example of the embedded criminals that have sucked this country dry. Trump has told Europe to pay up, to pay their fair share, he has eliminated threats with dispatch, but most of all Trump is respected by the world.


We don’t have to mention the economy, which, as you know, is steaming a head with abandon. But keep in mind the latest polling that predicts a tight race come November. There is no sure thing in politics. Ask Hillary about that. As we go down the road to November, expect turmoil, hostility from the Democrat Rats.

One thing to be aware of, we will have those on the other side to say that if Trump repeats, “the election was stolen.” We admonish them, they are third country rabble rouser – pseudo dictatorial types who have a problem with a free election when the results has their team is on the short end of the stick. This is what transpired in 2016. Hillary was stomped by Trump.

We advise those who are determined to undermine the coming election. You have nine months to prove that you are eligible to vote. You have nine months to procure the proper identification proving who you are which makes you eligible to vote. Don’t tell us that you did know that proof of citizenship was mandatory; don’t tell us you never had a picture I.D.; don’t tell us you don’t have the $5 to get a State or Federal issued photo I.D. Don’t tell us you can’t find your birth certificate or forget where you were born. Don’t tell us that you were born in the States but your parents never notified the department of vital statistics. Don’t tell us you are eighty years old and never voted, never had a driver’s license, never applied for a birth certificate, but now you want to vote. Why? Where is your Social Security Card we may ask.?

The 2016 Democratic Party platform, which is revised by party members every four years, states, “We will continue to fight against discriminatory voter identification laws, which disproportionately burden young voters, diverse communities, people of color, low-income families, people with disabilities, the elderly, and women.”



The “E Pluribus Unum” is in direct conflict with “Diversity Is Strength” — a civil struggle that will determine the fate of the country. One should not underestimate the depth of this civil divide.
Steve Schatz
6 years ago

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