This is not rocket science, but the proof is in the pudding, socialism is the worst disease known to man; there is no cure. And the likes of Pelosi and Schumer think they have the answers. Just look at NY and LA and will understand the deplorable conditions that exist under Democratic leadership. Poop infested streets are ubiquitous in San Francisco, the home of AIDS; will the corona virus spread there like wildfire? Ask Pelosi, she has all the answers.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is putting the race for a cure to the test. We must not hide behind Great Walls, Hermit Kingdoms need to share facts on the ground. Access to ground zero is a definite must. Most countries, in this case China, must allow outside epidemiologists to do what they have to do. And that is to visit Wuhan, the epicenter. Without knowing the conditions that existed there at the time the virus went viral, researchers can only guess on what happened and how it happened.

China has single handily brought the world economy to an abrupt halt. They have hid behind closed doors, closing off their borders to organizations like the CDC and WHO. Don’t let the WHO fool you though, they are run by globalists. They initially called for free travel across borders, so not to hurt the economy. Apparently they were not interested in peoples health; how ironic.

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