China has a standing army of three million, their air-force, Navy and army is second to only the United States. They exert hegemony over the South China Sea, their tentacles have reached Africa and Latin America, their sway has reached all four corners of the world. They beat the drums at every turn, military parades are prevalent, but most importantly China’s tentacles are far reaching, like an octopus gathering its prey. China is best defined as a world wide military and economic machine.

However, with all of that power one would think that they could meet any challenge, but a funny thing happened at the start of the Year of the Rat, a minuscule piece of RNA, aka Corona Virus aka Covid-19, has brought the country to their knees; HOW IRONIC! Lock Down at Wuhan, including sister cities with over 50 million people are veritable ghost towns. However, restrictions exist on 750 million people across the country. One thing that is evident at the present time, is that we don’t know what caused the virus to go, no pun intended, VIRAL.

For now, the virus has stopped Hong Kong protests in its tracks, but once the catastrophe passes, look out below. We will see protests demands across China. Hong Kong will be on fire. The question will be, what will Xi do about it. Will this be another Tienanmen Square event?

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