Front runner Bernie Sanders came away with a needed win in New Hampshire; not as big as he expected. Right on his heels are two so called moderates, but in most cases they are woven of the same cloth as Sanders. Hillary must be having tantrums – “I should have run, why didn’t I? These guys are light weights, I’m a professional liar, that is what we need to win.”

Well of course Hillary, you are right, these Democrats, well Bernie is an avowed Commie, but beside him, they are all liars. They are following in your footsteps. Don’t worry though, come November they will be pounded, trampled, beaten to a pulp and bloodied just like you were in 2016. Say it ain’t so Hillary, isn’t it DEPLORABLE the way things have turned out. You still feel the BURN, don’t you – very painful, those pharmaceuticals you take are addictive, say it ain’t so “Lock Her Up” come clean, tell us the truth once and for all before you perish from the earth.

On to the Palmetto State where a very close race is expected. The Silver State is a gamble for now with no favorites according to the book.

Kiss Warren and Biden goodbye. Both of their campaigns have imploded in a flash. Its a shame though Trump would have made mince meat out of either one.

Oh by the way, Trump one large with over 85% of the vote. Some guy Weld garnered about 10%. He was only a blip on the screen.

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