Joe Biden, V.P., House Representative, Senator, was the odds-on favorite entering the 2020 Presidential STAMPEDE. He was assuming the same position that “Lock Her Up” Clinton was facing back in 2016. Both facing a contentious “Burnie Sanders” who again is running a vigorous campaign, meanwhile Biden’s past is catching up with him. Is he a crook? Well we will let you decide, but from our angle he is none other than a Capo. His troops or shall we say soldiers include his cocaine bitten Son, Hunter. BTW where is Hunter, where is Joe? They seem to be missing in action,

And that brings us to a Hillary Wannabee, Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas. Funny thing happened when We The People got her feathers all riled up. She began to trip over her own lies, one after another. They have strangled her campaign momentum like a an octopus from the deep blue. Warren is a pathological liar, from her Indian made-up heredity, to her leave of absence pregnancy excuse to her joining the million dollar club. The irony here is that Warren lost Pocahontas County Iowa in the primary.

Also big names that imploded include Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Bill de Blasio , Julian Castro, Beto O’Rourke, Eric Swalwell among many others. Think of them as going down in flames. Many of them had big heads, for instance de Blasio, the infamous, police and ICE hating, Big Apple criminal Mayor who is still on the loose. Many of those running, including the also-rans, wanted to bring lawlessness to the United States.

Say good bye to them for come November 3, 2020 they will be relegated to the DUST BIN OF HISTORY.

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