Liberal scum is ubiquitous in the United States House of Representatives ; their objective is to destroy America. Yes, we are talking about Pelosi who is Black Mailing the American people that work for a living. Her Brazen attempt to write the script in the emergency Covid-19 legislation goes beyond pale. This POS thinks they have an opportunity to placate their leach base. And you know who we are talking about here.

There is no doubt that Americans are hurting right now. Layoffs are inevitable, running out of cash to pay current bills is not one paycheck away, when there is no paycheck. Businesses have rent due, fixed expenses such as insurance too. Will there be any adjustments to workman’s compensation. And how about mortgages, why do real estate owners have to pay them, when no rent is coming in? And individual mortgages on their houses, where is the money when out of work.

So take it upon the Scumacrats to hijack the American Taxpayer for their own good. What they have done to America in the past three years is criminal. And today we are seeing the worst of them. Pure puke for sure for the lack of a better word. We will remember this in November. Trump will never forget what they did during the past three years and what they are attempting to do our Country today; hold us for ransom.

No way Pelosi, no way Schumer, we will fight you until the last man is standing.

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