Did the World Health Organization Lie About the Spread of Wuhan Coronavirus to Protect China?

The World Health Organization, an entity people everywhere can supposedly rely on for accuracy, gave provably false information to countries around the globe about human-to-human spread of Wuhan coronavirus in January.

Jeryl Bier@JerylBier

“Health officials in Taipei said they alerted the @WHO at the end of Dec. about the risk of human-to-human transmission of the new virus but said its concerns were not passed on…”

Jan 14th: WHO: “Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” https://twitter.com/JerylBier/status/1240630513628520448 …

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Jeryl Bier@JerylBierTwo vital points in the timeline of COVID-19 (Wuhan Coronavirus as it was then):

1) @WHO quoting “Chinese authorities” on Jan 14: no “human to human transmission”

2) As late as Jan. 29: @WHO “WHO advises against the application of any restrictions of international traffic”
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To recap, at the end of December the WHO was warned by Taiwan officials that the Wuhan coronavirus was spreading through human-to-human contact. The WHO, an ally first to China — whose communist party is hostile toward Taiwan — said two weeks later there was “no evidence” this was the case. They did this by citing unreliable, dishonest, official Chinese government sources. Nearly two weeks after that, the WHO argued against restrictions on international air travel. This of course ultimately led to the devastating pandemic we are in now. 

In the time in-between the warning from Taiwan and the statement from WHO everything was fine, China destroyed samples of the virus, shut down labs, arrested doctors and welded shut buildings where victims of the disease lived. 

Morgan Ortagus@statedeptspox

By Jan. 3, Chinese authorities had already ordered #COVID19 virus samples destroyed, silenced Wuhan doctors, and censored public concerns online. @SpokespersonCHN is right: This is a timeline the world must absolutely scrutinize.

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Adding insult to injury, WHO Director General continues to parrot Chinese Communist Party talking points about the ongoing crisis. 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus@DrTedros

For the first time, #China has reported no domestic #COVID19 cases yesterday. This is an amazing achievement, which gives us all reassurance that the #coronavirus can be beaten. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0871pgc?at_custom4=9199B03E-69FE-11EA-A84D-99ED923C408C&at_custom1=%5Bpost+type%5D&at_custom3=BBC+World+Service&at_custom2=facebook_page&at_campaign=64&at_medium=custom7 …8,9971:45 AM – Mar 20, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy5,308 people are talking about this

Whistleblowers and residents in Wuhan are saying the claim of “zero cases” coming out of China is a lie.

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Global Times@globaltimesnews

“It’s fake! It’s fake!” shout residents of a community in #COVID19 epicenter Wuhan in a viral video on China’s social media. They have accused property management of cheating them by only appearing to provide promised necessities. Investigation is underway https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1181767.shtml …10311:34 PM – Mar 5, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy85 people are talking about this

While many are calling on China to be rightfully held accountable for hiding and spreading Wuhan coronavirus to the world, the World Health Organization also has a lot of explaining to do. And keep mind, you’re paying for all of this corruption. 

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