Isn’t it ironic that Governor Cuomo blames Trump for the number of deaths relating to the Covid-19 Wuhan Coronavirus. Cuomo said he followed Trump’s CDC orders. Following orders from the Federal Government? This must be the first time.

For this hypocrite lets loose illegal aliens from jail, allows felons to vote, his sanctuary city policies protect criminals and the best yet, Cuomo told all New Yorkers to go shopping in Chinatown. We wonder how many people caught the virus while shopping there.

THE BLAME GAME STARTS! When an animal is caged they snarl to ward off attackers. This is the response expected of Cuomo who won’t take ownership of the dead bodies rolling out of nursing homes. If you believe him, we have a bridge to sell you.

So Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take Covid-19 patients without the necessary precautions that would have otherwise protected those who were non Covid-19 symptomatic. He was responsible to insure that all nursing home took the necessary steps in preparation for the virus effective patients before admitting them. But he did not.

Tucker Carlson lays it all out. Click here for his take.

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