Governor Cuomo joined by Wilhelm de Blasio are calling for Americans to cough up the big bucks due to the devastation caused by the Covid-19 virus. The Big Apple and the Empire State are swimming in debt.

When it comes to blowing your money, count on the libtards to do it in spades.

Cuomo wants $60 Billion. Why not shoot for the stars?

WASHINGTON — New York state said Thursday that it needs at least an additional $60 billion in direct federal funding along with millions of dollars more from Medicaid and FEMA formula changes in the next coronavirus aid package being crafted in Congress.


De Blasio and ‘co-mayor’ wife have wasted $1.8B of taxpayer money

By Bob McManus

February 28, 2019 | 8:06pm | Updated

Who’s got a billion to burn?

Well, Bill de Blasio for sure.

But also mayoral spouse Chirlane McCray, who has just been revealed as a world-class boondoggler in her own right.

Hey, the family that preys together stays together, right? And it’s only (your) money — even if it is quite a lot of it.

McCray is the proprietress of ThriveNYC, a mental-health-related something-or-other created four-plus years ago to give a little heft to the conceit that Bill and Chirlane were elected as co-mayors — which is nonsense on stilts.

That is, once upon a time, first spouses were content to pretend to be in charge of prettifying highways and things. It was honorable “work,” it didn’t cost very much and it filled up the spouse’s free time.

But this is 2019, and the general feeling — at least in the de Blasio administration — is that if there’s not a lot of dough attached to the spousal sinecure, it doesn’t really matter enough.

So, ipso presto, co-Mayor Bill coughed up enough cash to break a pack mule’s back and sent it off to co-Mayor Chirlane — who then went forth to cure Gotham’s mental-illness problems.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, when the City Council was startled to discover that McCray and Team Thrive are closing in on having spent an eye-popping $900 million since the program’s inception — and nobody seems to have a clue on what.

But let’s be clear: If your boondogglery sets the New York City Council back on its heels, you truly are soaring with the eagles.


McCray’s ‘Thrive’ initiative on track to spend $1B in 5 years

Right up there with co-Mayor Bill, who started the week on his own sour note — announcing that his signature Renewal school program was closing up shop after pounding $773 million down a rathole.

The median pay at the LIRR in 2017 was $104,146 — compared with $90,442 at MTA headquarters and $82,690 at its NYC Transit Authority subsidiary, according to the report from the Citizens Budget Commission released Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the median pay for the MTA’s Metro-North workers was $90,354 — even though the CBC found they’re more productive than their counterparts at the LIRR.


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