An order has gone out from the Durham Team to procure leg bracelets for the soon to be found guilty alleged criminals. Don’t let a day go by before more incriminating news comes out that these &**^^T$#@ colluded from day one to undermine the Presidency of the United States. These were treasonous acts, sedition if you will, committed by LOSERS who could not accept the devastating defeat they took on November 8, 2016.

They Trump Haters went into rage the night of November 8, 2016

Never in our lifetime has there been a plot like the one we are living now. The criminal Democrats thought that it was impossible for “Lock Her Up” to lose, but insiders at the FBI decided they needed an “insurance policy.” Even before Trump was elected, that is during his campaign, these criminals perpetrated the “Mother of all Lies.” Clinton paid for a fake dossier, a treasonous act, a seditious action against the free will of the American people. We are talking about an internal Coup d’etat.

The unmasking a names by White House Officials is prima facie evidence of a salacious plot orchestrated by Obama and carried out by his administration. Now we know for sure that this is a fact. A 302s interrogation summary has mysteriously disappeared – like Clinton’s emails. This doesn’t happen unless a conspiracy has taken place, one that is ongoing.

Bill Barr has let loose his dogs who smell blood; they will sic every one of them until they bleed to death. And they will, either by their cell mate murderers in the Iron Bar Motel or by falling on their own knife. John “Bull” Durham is leading the hunt. Currently, from what we know, indictments are being prepared. The top lawyers have been hired to defend the guttersnipes.

Denials have come en-masse by the guilty for the sole purpose to obfuscate the crime and blame partisan politics. The lame stream media has pushed their agenda. No mention of the missing 302s nor have they given ink to the unmasking by Obama officials. Even Sally Yates was shocked to learn that the President knew in advance what what transpired.

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