Cuomo has blamed it all on Trump. Shoving Covid-19 individuals into nursing homes was Trump’s fault according to the Mad Governor. What ever it is that has gone wrong, Trump is at fault. Ask President Trump Video, CLICK HERE.

The Big Apple Mayor shouts at the top of his lungs to go to Chinatown where thousands were afflicted with the Wuhan virus. Great job Mayor. These two maniacs are going down in flames come the next election. And AOC, great job from the get-go, Amazon made the correct move fleeing the city that hosts radical leftist like here and the rest of the crew. Going back to the age of Freddie Flintstone is what they want and now they got it.

But that is not all, these political leeches want you and I to bail them out to the tune of $9.5 Billion dollars. 500,000 thousand are out of work, sucking the city and state dry. They want the Red States to write them a check, they will fill in the amount. Another pipe dream that won’t come true.

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