Four years in the making, THE HOAX, perpetrated on the America public by the Democrat Party, owned by “Lock Her Up” Clinton with complete complicity of the fake news media. The Mueller investigation, thanks to the ex-attorney general, Jeff Sessions, proved to be the scam of the century. Mueller in his final remarks let the door open. But we now find out this was part of the conspiracy; he was in on it.

So, Mueller’s investigation imploded, costing $100’s of millions, that being said, the media mob then went to plan B, the phone call to Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine; well the Impeachment didn’t fair well.

And now the General Flynn caper. The FBI set Flynn up in a Sting Operation by the same people who conned the FISA court. Who are they? The same crew who tried to frame him before he became president. The DOJ has issued an order to dismiss. But wait this isn’t over. The Democrat corrupt Judge Sullivan, who is in the pocket of the liberal elite won’t enforce the order to dismiss the case. Sullivan has hired an attorney to defend himself. What? Must be guilty, eh? Look for the Sullivan to get reprimanded or perhaps impeached; he is dirty as they come.

In the end though, the Obamagate scandal will be unmasked. We know that Obama was in on it from the Get-go. Thank God for our John “bull” Durham who is spearheading the hunt. He is on their tail and the criminals are lawyering up. Crimes of a magnitude never seen before have been committed to sabotage a freely elected president. This coup d’eta happened on our watch. And we will see to it that those responsible pay the price.

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