Joe Biden was accused of making a racist comment by critics on Friday after he argued African-Americans who can’t decide whether to vote for him or President Trump “ain’t black.”

They are going all in on Sleepy Joe Biden come November. Is this the best they have to offer? But before Joe gets there he will have to answer questions regarding the unmasking of General Flynn. And secondly, he continues to drag around the collateral damage of his son Hunter Biden.

We know from past experience that Joe Biden et al is a shakedown artist. The lame stream media hasn’t exposed him to the degree required of honest journalism. But don’t be disillusioned because John Bull Durham has unleashed the cattleman’s lasso that will eventually rope him in.

Covid-19 aside, Biden is hole up in his rats nest. Drawing crowds of one. What is he afraid of? Come out Joe, speak to us; be a man. Pelosi’s team has gathered around you, that might offer solace for the time being. However, eventually, like Saddam Hussein, we will draw you out like the weasel you are. Yeah pick a V.P., a woman, maybe a one of color thinking this will up your chances come November. It doesn’t matter Joe, people see you speak mumble jumble and they have to wonder when you will drop dead. No kidding!

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