The country is burnt to the ground. The killing of George Floyd precipitated riots across the land. While this was very unfortunate that a Black man was the subject of police brutality to the nth degree resulting in a charge of murder, we want to bring more luminosity to the killing of Black men. George Floyd’s death was a short time later after the wanton killing of Ahmaud Arbery. What these two murders have in common are that both men were Black, the police were white in case of Floyd and the men charged with Arbery’s death were white. And that’s all.

However, by shedding light on the police officers involved in the Floyd killing we find that from past records that Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on his neck, had previous reprimands. It goes without saying that the three thugs were out to kill Mr. Arbery. Imagine the guy filming the incident, he too was arrested. This was no doubt a targeted killing their arrest, months later, was definitely warranted.

But it stops there, Arbery’s killing did not set off multi city riots. The good people of Brunswick, Georgia protested in a civilized manner. They were responsible, their inside rage did not result in a physical reaction in the same manner than the Floyd killing.

There was a major difference in venue. Minneapolis, Mn is a majority white city, 60%, while 29% of people of color (19% Black 10% Latino) and 6% are Asian. So it didn’t take long before the fuse started to burn. And once it did, not only did Minneapolis go up in flames, but cities across the country were torched. ANTIFA groups were blamed for incitement and fanning the flames of an urban insurgency. Police were in harms way as the urban thugs went about their business.

Brunswick, Georgia’s demographics were a mirror image of Minneapolis 59.23% Black, 33.21% White. Keep in mind the population there was approximately 15,000. Minneapolis’ population is approximately 425,000. Quite a difference on both counts. As noted we can see the proliferation of violence in Minnesota due to the critical mass of people of color, 9000 vs 120,000.

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