By now we have seen the mass destruction brought about by urban violence that has destroyed private and public property in city after city. Animal instincts have erupted to no end. Smash and grab is the soup d’jour. Notice most of the cities that have spewed out and let loose the violent scum that take it upon themselves to torch whatever they can taking it to a different level, one that we find in third world countries. Of course these are cities run by the Democrat party machine. What precipitated this urban cannibalism was the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police department.

At this time we can only bring you the cause of death. However, as noted the autopsy indicates Mr. Floyd did not suffer from suffocation, but underlying maladies and preexisting conditions. But we weigh in here and clearly state that the officer applied excessive force that precipitated Floyd’s death. Perhaps he didn’t mean to kill the victim, but most likely thought he would teach him a lesson. Similar to a man profusely bleeding and in the need of a tourniquet, while an arresting officer watches the victim bleed to death. It is apparent that the situation here is the same. Failure to act to save a life is failure to do what you are obliged to do.

This type of physical brute force is not acceptable in America; there are other means of restraint available. No American should have to tolerate rogue policemen who take the law into their own hands.

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