The Wuhan pandemic was not by chance but by choice. Premier Xi Jinping was upset that Ren Zhengfei’s daughter, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada at the request of the Trump administration for violating a Trump edict not to do business with Iran.


The United States was facing an existential threat from Chinese companies who stole valuable research and technology from U.S. In many ways they were leading in 5G technology; this was their way of an inroads to the European Union until Trump stepped in. Huawei, the company built by Ren Zhengfei was racking up revenue equal to some of our largest companies. Their cell phone monopoly in China had no problem eating Apple’s lunch.

So what did China do to ameliorate the threat posed by Trump? They decided to kill the world economy and teach Trump and others a lesson. The Chinese economy before the pandemic was in a tale spin, but the U.S. was booming. China had to act fast. In order to even the playing field they decided to leak the Coronavirus in Wuhan from the lab which was not only studying it but doing valuable research on it. This was no error here as many have surmised; this leaking was done on purpose.

After letting it out into the Wuhan population at large where it afflicted many hundreds of thousands and killed thousands. The virus was allowed to metastasized for a few weeks thereby affecting many foreigners, but before they locked down the city. Then, their plan was to let the foreigners and Chinese who had businesses elsewhere to fly out of China bringing the virus with them.

Subsequently the flood gates of Wuhan were lock-down for good. Keep in mind that once the virus got to the critical mass stage, no Chinese was allowed out of Hubei province. That is why very few people in the rest of China got sick. Their lies and propaganda continue to this day. But rest assured that countries like Russia, who are in the thick of it, will act in a retribution way. Vladimir Putin does not let a good deed go unpunished. Either will Trump. The United States is now on target to reach 100,000 deaths. Count assured, China will pay.

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