Currently the inner city CHOP ZONES are under the control of the ANTIFA anarchists. No police dare enter! But once the inner city enterprises are torched, robbed and looted to the core, the Chauvinist marauders will look elsewhere for their booty. That means the likes of Beverly Hills, Homby Hills, Woodland Hills and the iconic Malibu will be their next target; RIPE FOR THE TAKING. There is much to be had in these enclaves; police protection is nil, but diamonds and gold are of plenty. And you can only imagine what these gang-bangers will do to their women prey.

Security services will get the call, but guess what? They have seen what happened in Seattle; thumping in their chests will start the beat of fear. Not on their life will they enter these new CHOP zones – think chop shops. Their VICTIMS will have nowhere to turn to. Billionaires will be chopped limb to limb until there is nothing left but barren bones. Safes will be rifled, houses burned, vehicles torched. Then, maybe then will these ultra liberal scum come to their senses and realize the threat when the breakdown of law and order occurs. Yeah, they will call the police for protection.

Mr. Hollywood Mogul, “Hello, this is Mr. Billionaire, my property has been invaded by anarchist thugs, can you please send the police immediately, we need help? OMG, they are raping my wife, please hurry.” I think my girlfriend will be next.”

Police Dispatcher, “So sorry Mr. Billionaire, the police precinct is under attack. All of our efforts are now focused on saving our lives. Please call back tomorrow. But thank you for your call.”

So far none of the above has happened, but if the governments don’t take a stand before it metastasizes, it will. The sacrosanct billionaires will flee the country if possible, heading toward their island retreats or multi million dollar yachts. They will leave behind the world they previously basked in. Parties, orgies, drugs will be distant memories as they flee to new horizons. The lawless thugs will fight to the death over the spoils. However, If it comes to this the Army, Marines and National guard will be called upon to save the day. BET ON IT!

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