Sooner or later the ubiquitous church in the center square or town green is going to be torched, blown up and buried. You say it can’t happen? Look at Seattle! Who would think of the police letting the city burn. CHOP under control of criminals condoned by the mayor in a summer of love fest.

And Jesus Christ, he isn’t a Christian, nor a Jew according to the pseudo Palestinian re-writer of history; Christ is a Palestinian. Don’t laugh, soon the Jesus statues will becoming down in the Black Baptist Churches. Columbus, fogettaboutit, he is going back to where he came from. Spain ran roughshod over the America’s in the name of the Church, killing millions and at the same time plundering the land. Many Latinos are Jesus loving. Won’t be long before their beliefs are thrown to the wind. Columbus Day is on the outs, now Indigenous people day.

And don’t forget the Jew hating Heindlick deBlasio who warned the Rabbis on social distancing. Yes, he gave them a warning; and the same time went for Churches, no services allowed. And that Murphy governor of New Jersey was joined by the Lunatic NY governor Cuomo, a nut case if there ever was one by forbidding religious services of all kinds. Oh, wasn’t that the same Cuomo who stuffed nursing homes with Covid-19 patients resulting in 20,000 unnecessary deaths?

But we saw those protests country wide, the liberal torch bearing governors didn’t say boo to these folk. Oh no, not them, they let them destroy cities across the land. Not to mention killings, rapes and arson among their midst. No arrest though. Bottom line here is simple as one, two and three; liberal criminals can due no wrong, but law abiding citizens can. Seems backwards to us.

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