Any job, no matter what it is, dishwasher, maid, machinist, bookkeeper, accountant, doctor, lawyer, engineer, carpenter, retail clerk, salesman, plumber, electrician and nurse, consist of people from many backgrounds. One thing we can say about them and their coworkers is that the majority do their job well, do their job with pride and often times go beyond what is expected. Another thing worth mentioning, lawyers hang with lawyers, plumbers with plumber, carpenters with carpenters.

In the natural world we see the same paradigm. Robins hang with robins, sparrows with sparrows, blue birds with blue birds, pigeons with pigeons, blue jays with blue jays, crows with crows, geese with geese. And going a step further, we see cows hanging with cows, pigs with pigs, horses with horses, crocks with crocks, gators with gators, lions with lions, tigers with tigers with tigers and zebras with zebras.

Moving to countries we see the same pattern, Chinese hang with Chinese, Japanese with Japanese, Indians with Indians, Nigerians with Nigerians, Egyptians with Egyptians, English with English, Italians with Italians, Swiss with Swiss, Germans with Germans, Swedes with Swedes, Pakistanis with Pakistanis, Iraqis with Iraqis and Iranians with Iranians. Notice that we didn’t include the United States, nor did we include other integrated countries. And how about Ireland where Catholics and Protestants have been going at it for years. Not to be outdone are Sunnis and Shia going back a millennia plus.

Digesting the data reveals many observations, the most important one is the likes hang with the likes. Once outside forces come into play to disrupt the archetype you have negative feedback. Exterior powers forcing a certain end often times bring discomfort, pain and feelings of anxiety. Anytime a result is forced on a human against his will undoubtedly bring a quick reaction. Protests, riots, revolution are some of the techniques used by the partisan left anarchists to force such subjugation. There is a paucity of exceptions, history has recorded them. However, the integrated countries, the United States for example find themselves in the former.

The long term plan underlying these experiments start by obscure measures. Often time by courts which are supported by the liberal media. Again, we see examples of this through social programs, reeducation, federal mandates, states regulations and city and town policies. Those most affected are afraid to stand up for their rights due to the fear of ostracization. Group mentality and fitting in has stifled the voice of those who think differently because of the fear of mental and physical abuse. We see this today.

Groups who proffered the ideology of forced socialization on all levels will go to no end to reach their objectives. This includes the mob mobilization to wreck havoc on the infrastructure of major cities. The use of force is a common practice in negotiating techniques. You saw what happened over the past 3.5 years, a fake investigation and throw this in your face impeachment proceedings. So you see that the enemy will go to no end in reaching their ultimate objective, that is an authoritarian dictatorship.

However, we believe this will backfire as more law abiding citizens realize the long term consequences. Living in peace and tranquility is now shattered, it is in question. Will this be our future? Or will we take our future back in November?

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