The diseased plagued liberal brain altered POS are having a field day. First came the Covid-19 pouring 4 trillion gallons of gasoline on the budget fire, a dream come true for the perverted minds of socialist miscreants, then the George Floyd shooting was, as we now see, icing on the liberal frosting of a caked printing press on Space X fuel. Powell, the FED chief has added nitro to the fire, as if gasoline wasn’t enough, he alluded to the fact that the FED is now dipping into the corporate bond market. Imagine, the FED, the printer of last resort, buying high yield corporate bonds. No criticism by Trump on this one. Seems Powell has outdone all the predecessors before him. Guess he has picked up after Molotov, throwing the cocktails into the private sector mix.

The scenario being played out is the best of the best for the mentally deranged progressive. Free money for those who don’t work, more welfare payments, more deferred mortgages, taxes and whatever is owed to corporations. But that is not all as the George Floyd tragic episode ratcheted up the calls for eliminating the police department. Brings to mind the Muslim controlled areas in Sweden and England, where no Swede or Limey dare to enter. Let a Cop or Whitey attempt to pass through the barrier, they do so at their own risk. These areas are controlled by the anarchists of today. They have only one objective, to destroy Capitalism; to bring about a Castro/Chavez utopia and kill those who responsible for victimhood.

The Democrats now have the best of both worlds. Free money to their partisans and putting the police on notice that brutality is a non starter. The Republicans are now in a rock and hard place. But Trump has not ramped up his reelection campaign. Saturday, in Tulsa Oklahoma, President Trump will have the chance to get his message across in earnest. And BTW why hasn’t the RAT come out of his rat hole, yes we are speaking of Joe Biden. Is he trapped in there?

BEWARE FOLKS, THE NOVEMBER 3 ELECTION WILL BE HERE IN A FLASH. Already the pervs are on the march for mail in voting, another euphemism for voter fraud. You say it can’t happen here, take another look at ballot gathering, more voters on the roll than eligible voters in districts, towns and states. Eliminating voters who haven’t showed up in two years is the best way to cleanse the rolls, but the pervs have gone to court to challenge this.


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