The Master at HITTING BACK has hit the road again with a vengeance. TRUMP trampled the media in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The crowd was exuberant. But the media gave it a thumbs down. The estimated crowd was not what the campaign expected. People stayed away for a number of reasons. Only 15,000 were in the stands out of an expected 19,000. The reason was that fraudsters applied for tickets but failed to show.

However, FOX NEWS reported a record audience for the time slot, over 8 million tuned in to the BIG SHOW. No matter what is thrown at Trump, he hits back in spades. Arizona is waiting for him with open arms. The media circus will follow because they have nothing else to report on. Yeah, Hunter Biden is spending time the same way as his father, in a rat hole. Impeachment proceedings are over and done with, but wait -Fat Boy Nadler will not let sleeping dogs lie. And there is the pop-up Covid-19 hot spots. America’s pastime is still breathing, slightly. Time waits for no man, soon America will wonder how a candidate for President is a NO SHOW. Why is he hiding and from who?

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