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Take the case of former (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY)President Bill Clinton and leaders of the democracies in the late 1990s when they enthusiastically embraced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with open arms and let China enter the World Trade Organization. With their confidently dismissing the CCP as a threat and with their eagerness to help, China has become the world’s largest economy with a $25 trillion GDP (as compared to the U.S.’s $19 trillion, measured by purchasing power parity) and the CCP now controls 56 percent of the GDP with no strings attached (as compared to 32 percent of the U.S. GDP controlled by the U.S. government, with many strings attached). Its enormous economic resources and totalitarian political rule have made the CCP the most powerful and feared force in the world.

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Not allowed: investment in law firms in China.

Indeed, there is no need for foreign lawyers to waste their time in a country where the Party’s words are the law.

— Not allowed: investment in research institutes for the social sciences and humanities.

— Not allowed: social and public opinion polls and surveys.

— Not allowed: investment in news providers.

— Not allowed: creating or publishing of books, newspapers, periodicals, audio/video products, and electronic media.

— Not allowed: radio broadcasting stations, TV stations, channels, networks, transmission stations, satellite stations, microwave transmission stations, etc.

— Not allowed: making TV programs.

— Not allowed: movie production and distribution, etc.

— Not allowed: art and cultural performance companies.

Wow, so comprehensive! Where is the CCP’s confidence?

— Not allowed: satellite and TV receiving ground equipment and key parts.

Uh oh, there goes the hope that Musk’s Starlink will bring the freedom of visiting the internet to the Chinese people. If someone in China sets up a dish to connect with Starlink’s service, he or she will be punished.

— Printing firms must be majority-owned and controlled by Chinese nationals. 

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