“Your ain’t Black if you vote for Trump”, those are the words from Dementia Joe Biden. School Choice, a priority of the Trump Administration is fought at every turn by the Neotard Progressive. And why? The Liberal Democrat is in the pocket of the NEA. An organization vehemently against school choice. And don’t forget the tenure rule, impossible to fire a mentally challenged teacher. But that is not all, Democrats have taken the Black vote for granted much to long.

Perhaps we should take a close look at the Democrat Party and the evils they gave us in history.
Democrats wrote 6 platforms supporting slavery.
Democrats wrote 20 platforms supporting segregation.
Democrats opposed the 13,14, and 15th amendments to the Constitution, to abolish slavery, give African Americans due process, and the right to vote.
The Democrat Party is the party of Jim Crow, and the founders of the KKK.
The Democrats fought the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s. They voted for and installed Robert Byrd a clan leader as majority leader in the Senate.
Democrats passed laws to raise the Stars and Bars over State Houses in the South.
Perhaps this history demands that the Democrat Party be cancelled.
Now I’m not saying that this is the Democrat Party of now, but it certainly was that Party’s history. And if you’re going to judge people and things based on history, the Democrat Party has to go.

However, Blacks are not taking it anymore. They are stepping up, demanding answers on why they should continue to support the Pandering Liberal Agenda. We are witnessing today a tsunami happening in the Black Community. Yes there is racism, there will always be, but on the whole, racism has receded in the past three decades. But one look back at the Obama administration is very telling. Obama, not a typical Black from the hood, but a mixed breed, stoked racism at every term. No need to get into the details here, but mentioning the Trayvon Marin -George Zimmerman affair will suffice here.

Look to Congress for answers and it is obvious to anyone not brainwashed by the fake news media of what began as a noble enterprise has turned into a lifetime propaganda machine. “What have you done for me lately” should be on the lips of every Black person. Wasn’t it Trump who passed the “FIRST STEP.”

From behind the president, Gregory Allen saluted and then made his way to the microphone. “Two months ago, I was in a prison cell, and I’m in the White House,” declared Allen, a Florida resident who had been freed under Trump’s signature criminal justice legislation. “That’s continuing to make America great again!”

The gathering in April was a triumphant celebration of the First Step Act, the most sweeping overhaul of the federal criminal justice system in a generation. Since its passage nearly a year ago, the law has led to the release of more than 3,000 inmates — including Allen, who was convicted of cocaine trafficking in 2001.

Blacks have been here for well over 300 years, fought in all wars, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil war to the never ending wars of today. And don’t forget that they fought gallantly for the Union. This took courage and bravery in spite of segregation. this is not to dismiss the great contributions of the Mexican community who were instrumental in their fight for freedom, who fought for Texas independence and their tremendous contributions to this country. The Latinos of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and California introduced us to a great culture.

However, and we emphasize here that the Black fight has been upended by the recent Hispanic-Latino agenda. How is that so? For instance pressure for bilingual education forced Congress to pass the BEA (Bilingual Education Act of 1968). They joined together with the Black Civil Rights movement to push their agenda by leveraging the word “MINORITY.” The original intent of the the civil rights legislation of 1964 which when signed was focused on the Black Community; maybe the Hispanic community was a distant thought in some minds but not many.

The Civil Rights act of 1964 was a focus on the word “minority” which meant the Black minority, only later was it utilized by the Hispanic community to push their agenda. And that agenda pushed for bilingual education, more Hispanic/Latino teachers, more firemen and policemen in their communities. Take it from us, there is nothing wrong about using the system; the Irish used it to gain political power in cities of NY and Boston. Later on they leveraged their power by taking over the Democratic machine in killer cities like Chicago – think the Daly machine.

While the level of federal recognition was initially slow, Latinos were able to garner political power through electoral means. The Mexican American Legal Defense Education Fun (MALDEF) was created in 1968 with the assistance of the NAACP and funding from the Ford Foundation. Similarly, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Education Fund (PRLDF) was created in 1972 and centralized community activists, providing more resources and funds to hire lawyers and file lawsuits against schools and other institutions that were denying Latinos equitable educational opportunities.

The U.S. Supreme Court first recognized Mexican Americans as an identifiable ethnic group in Hernandez v. Texas (1954). Significantly, before Mexican Americans could seek relief against discrimination in court, Hernandez affirmed that the Fourteenth Amendment extended “beyond the racial classes of white or negro.”This ruling opened the way for Cisneros v. Corpus Christi (TX) Independent School District (1970). As historian Guadalupe San Miguel, Jr. pointed out, when school districts attempted to utilize Latino children to achieve racial balance in Black schools, the original strategy of Mexican American lawyers classify students as “white” finally backfired. In Cisneros, the judge ruled that Mexican Americans were “an identifiable ethnic minority group,” and could thus benefit from Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation cases. In a subsequent ruling, Keyes v. School District Number One, Denver, Colorado (1973), the U.S. Supreme Court stated that Mexican Americans had the constitutional right to be recognized as a separate minority. The work of Chicano activists in the Southwest had a parallel among Puerto Rican leaders in the Northeast and the urban Midwest. Building on the work of pre-1960 groups such as the Puerto Rican-Hispanic Leadership Fund (1957), community-based organizations such as the United Bronx Parents, Inc. (1965) pushed for bilingual schools and teachers.

So as you see the power struggle has passed from the Blacks to the Hispanic-Latino who out number them by 20 million. In terms of votes, the Latino is courted to by politicians on both sides. This is because they don’t have a legacy of slavery and racial discrimination going back to the Civil War as do the Blacks.; while the Blacks are pandered to, over the years they have been brainwashed to pull the Democrat lever only. However, as we speak, changes are afoot as more informed Blacks realize that they have been mistreated and hood-winked by the politicians that they helped elect. This goes for the Black politician and White one as well.

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