A study awhile back involving the analysis and makeup of those seeking psychiatric treatment, in addition to those who were in State institutions revealed some amazing statistics. They found that the majority of those institutionalized were from middle class to upper class families, proving once again their mental instability, violent rages and confrontational personalities.

The study also determined the makeup of those who sought psychiatric help, either by a psychologist or psychiatrist, and low and behold the numbers were almost a spitting image of the institutionalized subjects. Not to be outdone, the researchers were able to delve into the personal lives of the families. And they were shocked to find out that 95% of them voted Democrat. This explains the fruit cakes who are trashing our cities, burning them to the ground, raping innocents, killing bystanders and murdering police. Further research confirmed that the upbringing of these miscreants had little or no supervision; in fact many of the parents charged nannies with disciplining their children, the others were left on their own because the parents were more interested in their own careers than their children’s mental health. And you see where that got them.

The only solution to neutralizing the violent behavior of these individuals is to admit them to State mental institutions. Many of the erudite set will think different, but they have no solution other than let them loose on the streets where they will create havoc of their own device – think of San Franshitsco.

This is not cruel or unusual, individuals who cannot be responsible citizens must be reeducated; if they can’t, then retraining, calibrating of their minds is the answer, think the newest in mind altering drugs; many pharmaceuticals that will accomplish this task, such as brain erasers. Going one step further, surgical procedures, such as lobotomy preorbital lychonomy have also proven to work extremely well. So to that end the solution to a normalized society is evident.

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Mental Asylums: Haunting Vintage Photos From Decades Past
Mental Asylums: Haunting Vintage Photos From Decades Past

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