Even though you are a White liberal douche bag, (a LINO, similar to a Republican RINO) you are a inbred racist; being a White Conservative you are a genetic racist from the womb; there is little to no hope in challenging your racist beliefs. It doesn’t matter how you think or what you do, if you are White you have been indoctrinated to think white. Your racism is unconscious, it can’t be denied, denying proves you are a racist. So therefore you must now be reeducated to think Black, you must be purged of your white identity. Going forward the movement will weigh heavily on humiliating Whitey, persecute Whitey, execute Whitey and above all expose Whitey as an enemy. YOU GET THE PICTURE, DON’T YOU? But don’t think for a moment that they don’t don’t know you, they do, yes they do. You are for Trump Voter, therefore, you are a Racist.

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