Biden has embraces the rioters, the gangs, the ANTIFA killers who are destroying one major city after another. Once Biden is in charge it will be your life that will be in danger. Marauding gangs will enter the burbs pillaging, raping and murdering innocents. You will be next. The savages will continue on their path of destruction unless stopped by federal troops. Do not expect Biden to authorize force in quelling the riots. Only Trump can get the job done. In his second term Trump will bring the “HAMMER DOWN.”

The streets of Chicago are flowing with blood. Hundreds arrested, police officers assaulted. All of this on the watch of the condoning mayor who gives lip service to law and order.

CLICK HERE for the latest from the Chicago Tribune.

Another ho-hum babbling from the mouth of Chicago’s mayor. Are we missing something here? Eleven hundred kill in the last 30 days, but it seems this is business as usual. Black on Black murder does not excite the politicians nor bring out protesters. But Whitey killing a Black is a quintessential example of White racism. This brings out the rioters who want to expose the racist society we live in. Go figure!

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