You have to love the ballz of Pelosi and Schumer, two of the most notable lay down disciples of ANTIFA and the SQUAD. The ones guilty of rape, murder, bombing and arson. They are not only shills for the minions of union workers, but have manifested their profligacy to spend until the cows come home. Its not their money.

However, hey have been Trumped, who by the way, invoked a whole bunch of recent executive orders, which bypassed the spendthrift Democrat suicide bombers. And what got their goat? They are crying in their soup because Trump did not get sucked in for a mere trillion dollar bailout of the liberal Blue States. The ones guilty of blowing money quicker than a Chinese baccarat player or Russian oligarch crapping out.

And their reason for the dismay is that state and city workers will be laid off in the hundreds of thousands. What a terrible thing to have their union supporters thrown out on the street. Guess again Pelosi and Schumer, 50% of these workers sleep on the job, like you, they are not essential. The essential workers are first responders, the police, the firemen, the EMTs and sanitation workers, not the clerk paper pushers who sit at their desk all day watching youtube videos. Those essential workers won’t be laid off. Get that? And if the police departments get defunded, as Sleepy Joe advises, imagine the surplus funds available for the rest of the swamp.

These moronic individuals are afraid that come November 3, their Democrat cauldron of liberal ideologues will take it out on them and reelect President Trump who gets things done. He is not swamped by by the deep state quicksand.

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