Hussein Obama, who at one time gave hope to the Black Community, but floundered badly. The question is what did he do over his eight year presidency to help his Brothers? Absolutely nothing! But he certainly paid tribute to the Islam street. Remember him playing golf on Christmas Eve with the Malaysian Prime Minister Razak. The same Najib Razak who is now doing a dozen years in the iron bar hotel for stealing $1,000,000,000 from the poor Malays . We assume he will be taking many knees during his vacation.

Keep in mind that Hussein shoveled billions to Iran during his tenure, signed momentous agreements that placed the jeopardy of the United States at risk. His black moment came when he through Israel under the bus at the U.N. Obama, in case you haven’t concluded yet, was a slave himself, being shackled by the chains of his Muslim upbringing. So that brings us to his eulogy for the civil rights leader John Lewis.

Obama took the moment to press the Democrat thesis that the Republicans are anti Black by suppressing the Black vote. Then he went in to his diatribe by insinuating that the Republicans are bringing back the era of Jim Crow. Not to be outdone he went back five decades ago to George Wallace. The problem with Obama’s stance is that he tries to convince Blacks that Trump and his fellow Republicans are against Blacks from voting. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact very few Blacks have been charged with illegal voting, neither has it been proven that Black voting has been stifled.

To be CRYSTAL CLEAR HERE, OBAMA doesn’t want Blacks from voting Republican, that is why he uses tropes from the days gone by. Click here for a gentlemen by the name of Herman Cain who was a simple man, but an inspiration to the Black community. He just passed and is a quintessential example of what the Democrats don’t want the Blacks to emulate; the successful, the thinker and the doer. And mind you, Mr. Cain was a staunch Republican.

Obama, though has done more to harm the Black community than the aforementioned Republican who he accused of denigrating. For instance, Obama saw to it that Blacks accused of minor drug offenses serve their full term, although they were not a threat to society. And it was Trump who passed the “Second Chance Law.”

However, we don’t want to kill the messenger; Obama had one good recommendation. That was to declare the first Tuesday in November after the first Monday a National Holiday. Obama and his minions continue their invective regarding voter suppression and voter I.D. laws. For God’s sake the people have four years to get Voter I.D.s in terms of presenting credentials to registrars. And why do they not have a photo I.D. when they show up to vote? The only reason we can think of is BECAUSE THEY ARE VOTING ILLEGALLY. But this is not a Black issue, this is an issue which afflicts the illegals from south of the border.

BLACKS have been portrayed as Stupid by the Democrats, they have been portrayed as today’s cotton pickers with no mind of their own. Trump has convinced them that they are independent thinkers with a mind of their own, and able to make their own decisions. This has ignited the Democrat pervs from fighting back with lies, past innuendos and malicious falsehoods from days gone by. But remember the Democrat Party was the party of slaves. The Republican party under Lincoln freed the slaves. Democrats controlled the plantation states, Republicans did not.


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