By now America is waking up to one more Democrat Bag of Wind, Sleepy Joe, Dementia Joe, Hidden Biden Joe, whatever, who can’t hold a press conference without a pre-programed teleprompter, is a shill for the extreme left. When you get Joe Biden you get a nothing, you get ZILCH, Joe’s strings are pulled by the SQUAD. Joe Biden’s life has consisted of SUCKING off the United States Government for the past 47 years, never creating a job, but telling others what and how they should.

Actually, the Democrats put up Sleepy Joe because they knew that any other candidate had not a chance in hell to win against Trump. Affectively, Biden is a Trojan Horse. He is attempting to sell Americans on him being a moderate Democrat. Nothing is further from the truth. When the progressives push buttons, Joe will react to their every command. Individuals with dementia have no mind, they do as told, think Dementia Joe. He’s lucky that he still remembers his last name. Even the experts don’t expect him to last 4 years. The thought of Kamala Harris as President is a very frightening scenario for most Americans.

We suggest that Sleepy Joe wake up and put his talents to work in Fire Country. Joe’s unique talent of blowing out the birthday candles year after year can be put to use in California and Oregon. No need to put the first responders lives at risk when Joe can easily blow out the fires with one quick “WOOSH.” Joe is a Blowhard isn’t he?

Joe’s portfolio has been crafted by political advisers, born in coal country, but never saw a coal mine, a Scranton native, yeah right, took off when he was 7; in the top 25% of his law class, former V.P DUD and FIREFIGHTER extraordinaire.

Joe’s unique ability of putting out flames of passion puts him in a special place; a fixer, a hardened politician, a crook. Joe knows how to threaten foreign leaders too; his craft has been honed over a half century in public life. Joe is apt at shakedowns too, taking graft and most of all covering for Obama – the worst divisive president ever. JOE BIDEN IS THE TYPICAL DEMOCRAT, like the other shysters that came before him!

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