Imagine telling the President of the United States, to “shut up.” And calling President Trump a clown.” We are crystal clear here, Joe Biden is not fit to be president or anything else., not even fit for a mop job in a hotel john. Biden has no respect for the office of President. In two short words, Joe Biden is a complete “f…Up.”

But Biden, within the first half of the debate, slammed the president as a “liar” and a “clown” and repeatedly called on him to “shut up.”

“Would you shut up, man?” Biden said to Trump, calling him “unpresidential.”

Meanwhile, the president slammed Biden, saying the former vice president is not “smart.”

“You graduated the lowest in your class,” Trump said to Biden, after he said the president should become “smart” with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Don’t ever use the word smart with me,” Trump said. “Nothing smart about you Joe.”

The president, when asked about his campaign rallies, said that Biden doesn’t hold events because “nobody shows up to his events.”

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