President Trump has it right, we are in charge and will do what we have to do. We were elected to the Top Office in the land and the people elected Republicans in the Senate giving them a majority. So we must do what the people want us to do.

The left is in an outrage, going bezerk, threatening Senators and law enforcement officers. ANTIFA types targeting Mitch McConnell as they gather outside his home. This has to stop and it will. At least one protester was arrested Saturday after a group of about 100 people gathered outside the Kentucky home of Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Looking ahead to a Biden win will cause a civil war as the Red States will succeed from the Union. Does anyone think otherwise. We will see socialist programs going nuclear, personal property taken without compensation, oil drilling stopped, a shut down of the economy, banks nationalized, guns seized and free speech eliminated and a major depression will cover the land. Coming to a theater near you.

A Trump win will have an opposite effect. The country will boom like never before as manufacturing will come back from China fast. The China virus will be tamed, medical and education industries reformed.


“We are here now, we have an obligation to all of those voters.”
“The other side should show their radical left list”

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