If you thought the Kavanaugh fiasco was bad, wait till you see this one. Don’t forget the lying Shifty Schiff who had hard evidence of a Russian conspiracy between Trump and Putin. Where is it? And that lumbering dude Nadler who moves slower than a turtle unless Schiff is one-upping him. You can count on McConnell to move like grease lightning in forging the new nomination through the Senate. After Ginsburg’s death Friday, McConnell promised to hold a vote on a nominee from President Trump. No doubt Trump will chose a woman. And don’t forget the recent Barr hearing where the Libtards hindered and obstructed Barr from speaking; expect the Republicans to return the favor in spades. Thank you very much.

Massachusetts Markey wants War. So War it will be. The Democrats are a tempest in a teapot on steroids, in a violent rage right now. Don’t let anyone tell you that if they had the same opportunity they would not fill the seat. Look at Seattle, Portland, Kenosha and all of the rest for a hint of what they want and how they will get it. Destruction through a violent revolution by fire bomb is the only way they know how to get what they want. These are criminals we are talking about. They won’t stop until they are done. Did Lenin stop, did Uncle Joe Stalin stop, did Hitler stop?

The left says to “burn it down.” Yeah, right. Childish leftists who play with fire will suffer 1st degree burns before this is all over. Do you think that Our President will let a bunch of two bit thugs threaten out way of life? Obviously they don’t know who they are dealing with.

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