The Lame Street Media, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Google, Twitter and Facebook have sold out to the liberal progressive movement. They are part of the cover-up of Hillary -Lock Her Up – Clinton and now Sleepy Joe Biden. Their actions precipitated the Mueller investigation and the impeachment hearings because they did not report the truth, but were responsible for distributing lies when they knew the truth.

They have worked over time to eviscerate candidate Trump and now President Trump over the past four years. Deep State Operatives, who have peddled inside information to the media for years have finally met their match in President Trump; he has outed their bias. These organizations are guilty of participating in not only a coup, but the complete deception of the American people.

What these entities are afraid of is that if they told the truth, they would lose viewership and thereby advertising dollars. That would amount to not only a double crossing their viewership, but a sellout. So they have maintained the lies from day one, distributing nothing but hearsay and lies. However, when it comes to the Biden Crime Syndicate, not a peep is anywhere to be found. This in itself should be a warning to the American people that Democracy is at stake in this election.

Joe Biden is not for a free press, Joe Biden is not for individual rights, Joe Biden is not for the 2nd Amendment, Joe Biden is for packing the Supreme Court, Joe Biden is for killing the economy, Joe Biden is for open borders, allowing illegals to run roughshod over your neighborhood, Joe Biden has sold out to the progressives, to the do-nothings, to the welfare monger, Joe Biden is against Democracy. Joe Biden is another Uncle Joe Stalin.

Biden is attempting to scare America on what he says Trump will do, the problem here is that Biden will not tell you what he will do. Think $10 a gallon gas, Think death while waiting in line for socialized medicine doctors who will see you in a month or two. You know, “you can keep your doctor.” Joe Biden is a Liar from the get-go.

China has one foot in the door, thanks to Joe Biden. A Biden win will allow them to step into the house of America and destroy it like one of the burglars that Biden will not charge for a crime. Joe Biden is running a criminal enterprise in America. Wait and see what he will do to your life. Think Covid-19 was bad, Joe Biden is Covid-19 on steroids.

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