One way or another, we don’t give a flying hoot if Mattis resigned or Trump gave him the boot. Mattis was a deep state criminal from the get-go. As time went by, he and Trump were at loggerheads. But new evidence has been released showing that Mattis was a China aficionado.

President Donald Trump has continued to assert that Jim Mattis was fired as his defense secretary rather than voluntarily resigning. Mattis announced his resignation in December 2018, citing disagreements with the president’s decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria. The withdrawal, which Mattis strongly opposed, abandoned the US’s Kurdish allies in the region.

A column co-authored by former (click)U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis which called for an end to President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy did not include a disclosure regarding the retired four-star general’s work with the Cohen Group, an international business advisory firm active in China.

Trump lashed out at Mattis following the column’s publication, tweeting that he “should have fired him sooner” and referring to him as the “world’s most overrated general.”

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