WILL MAD COW DISEASE PUNCH HOLES IN PRESIDENT BIDEN (with a caveat that he will be sworn in)

His handlers kept him out of sight, holed up in a self made tomb. Every once in awhile they let him come up for air. Smart move! Never let a frothing dog loose because his days will be numbered. Look what happened with “Deplorables for Trump”, doomed “Lock her Up” onto Boot Hill.

But let’s assume Biden takes office on Jan. 20. Will he fumble, tumble, mumble on his way to explain today’s critical issues. Will he read from the glass menagerie or will he be able to come clean, do what most presidents have done, speak extemporaneously, like off the cuff? Think about this, Biden, is nothing, has done nothing for 47 years, now he is expected to go head to head with the likes of Xi and Vlad. We don’t expect much from him, but do know that he will not be able to hold his own with the Big Dogs. Biden has never pissed with the big dogs, it is almost certain that the big dogs will piss on him.

From the looks of it Biden will depend on others to do the job. How long will it be before his pants turn brown?

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