John Durham, the no-non sense prosecutor from Connecticut has roped in a Hillary Clinton operative. 

A federal grand jury indicted cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann on Thursday as part of an ongoing inquiry led by Special Counsel John Durham into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. The indictment alleges that Sussmann, whose firm Perkins Cole worked for the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, lied to the FBI in a September 2016 meeting.

According to the indictment, Sussmann lied to former FBI general counsel James Baker about potential connections between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin. Prosecutors claim that he falsely told the FBI that he was not representing a client when he was discussing the alleged connection. Instead, he was representing the Clinton campaign and a technology executive. The Alfa Bank allegation was eventually proven false by FBI investigators, and was not substantial enough to make it into the Mueller report.

“Sussmann’s lie was material,” prosecutors allege, “because, among other reasons, Sussmann’s false statement misled the FBI general counsel and other FBI personnel concerning the political nature of his work and deprived the FBI of information that might have permitted it more fully to assess and uncover the origins of the relevant data and technical analysis, including the identities and motivations of Sussmann’s clients.”

As usual Sussmann’s attorney said he was not guilty. But when they start squeezing his ballz he will talk. Guys like him don’t like to share a room with Bubba.