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We’re LIVE.

Buckle your seat belts and prepare yourself for the truth that ‘s not being revealed anywhere else.

The top whistleblowers, experts, scientists and researchers tell all, in 9 info-packed episodes.

Are you ready?

I hope so, because kicking off with Episode 1 isn’t going to be a slow start…

Every interview contains SO MUCH vital information, and it can’t be found anywhere else.

The experts featured in this investigative series

Are risking everything in order to get this message out to you.

They are actively being censored, many of them have actually received death threats, and it may just get worse.

We were also able to get a handful of patient testimonies sharing their firsthand experiences with taking the jabs and the effects it’s had on them.

Many of the side-effects they suffered are nothing short of disturbing.

You don’t want to miss a moment of any of this…


First up…

Meet the brilliant Dr. Peter McCullough.

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