That uneasy feeling every time you fill up has caused Americans Blood Pressure to rise in tandem with inflation. Bet your arse hurts too – pummeled by the Democrats.  Feels like POTUS is turning the screws harder and harder, doesn’t it? Is your bank account bleeding?

Let us be the first to tell you that Democrats don’t care one thing about the bottom third of wage earners, yes, the ones who overwhelmingly voted for him. Once they get your vote, that is it, Charlie. See you in four years, Sucker. By then, your memory has forgotten the screwing you took. So they come out with a new agenda, disguised as such, but the same old stuff, you jump on the bandwagon, take the prone position porky we want to hear you squeal like a pig. You will love the band playing your tune – which is “freebees for all.”

Oh yeah, forgot, the Shell game is often played on street corners by confidence men.  They find a mark, he is the sucker; a group of shills stands around flashing money they claim to have won, but you can’t win playing the Shell game; it is for fools. And of course the actual Shell game consists of three shells and a pea ; in real life it ropes in those Democrat Voters time in and time out. They never win; they don’t stand a chance, but think they still have one, so they continue to play.