Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Takes Aim At Disney’s Self-Governing ‘Special Privileges’ After Company’s Opposition To “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

UPDATED, with Equality Florida comment: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested that The Walt Disney Co. should be stripped of its “special privileges” in the state following its opposition to the new Parental Rights in Education law, dubbed by detractors as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.DeSantis appeared to be referring to a 1967 state law that created a special district around Walt Disney World, allowing the company to self govern many of its operations and development.

The governor told reporters on Thursday, “Someone said, ‘Hey, Disney has all these special perks. Should you retaliate against them for them coming out and demagoguing this bill?’ I don’t believe you ‘retaliate,’ but I think what I would say, as a matter of first principle, I don’t support special privileges in law. Just because a company is powerful and they have been able to wield a lot of power.”

After initially remaining publicly neutral as the bill made its way through the state legislature, Disney CEO Bob Chapek then announced the company’s opposition. This week, after DeSantis signed the bill into law, Disney issued a statement saying that the legislation “should never have passed and should never have been signed into law.”

“Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that,” the company said.

DeSantis has blasted the company since then. One Florida lawmaker, Spencer Roach, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that lawmakers were discussing a repeal of the special district. “If Disney wants to embrace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by Orange County,” he wrote.

A spokesperson for Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In his press conference, DeSantis said that Disney has “lost a lot of pull that they used to have, and honestly, I think that is a good thing for our state. Because the state should be governed by the best interests of the people, you should not have one organization that is able to dictate policy in all these different realms, and they have done that for many many years. And if that stops now, which it should, that would be a good thing for Florida.”

He added, “I would say any special privileges that are in law, I would like to get rid of generally, but I think in this particular case with Disney, I just don’t think you have very many people in the legislature anymore who are going to be able defend a lot of what has been done over many many years to have them almost govern themselves over so many things.”

DeSantis reiterated his comments on Fox & Friends on Friday, contending that “when you are trying to impose as woke ideology on our state, we view that as a significant threat. This wokeness will destroy this country if we let it run unabated.”

Fox News has zeroed in on Disney’s response to the Florida legislation in the same way that the network devoted hours and hours of coverage to critical race theory, stoking a cultural flashpoint.

The legislation prohibits classroom discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity from Kindergarten to third grade.

Opponents see the law as a politically motivated attempt to stir up parental anger with the threat that the LGBTQ is out to indoctrinate children, a trope that extends back more than 40 years, when attempts were made to bar gays and lesbians from public school teaching positions in California.

Equality Florida, which is challenging the new law in court, said in a statement, “Governor DeSantis and his legislative allies continue to double down on an authoritarian agenda for Florida, focusing the power of the State on muzzling teachers, curbing free speech, censoring books, propagandizing curriculum, and punishing private entities should they dissent. This disturbing trend of censorship and surveillance from the DeSantis Administration is not what “free states” do. Floridians deserve a state government that works on its behalf, not purely at the behest of a governor fixated on winning over right wing voters and propelling himself to a GOP presidential nomination.”


Gold is closing in on the $2000 mark. Inflation is roaring, expecting gas prices to move higher, perhaps to over $6.00. CALIFORNIA ALREADY UP TO $7 BUCKS.

THIS IS ONLY TRANSITORY” says Federal Reserve Chairman Powell, but I reserve the right to change my opinion when new information proves otherwise. And “so, let it be written, so let it be done.”   “Opps, I change my opinion, sorry about that.” WE MUST RAISE INTEREST RATES TO KILL THE BEAST.

Those sky high electric bills are not fun, either are the cost of heating ones home and food costs, what can we say, they are out of sight.  What can  be done to resolve this situation? Federal Reserve believes that raising interest rates will cool the flames of inflation. “Say what?” This is like pouring gasoline on the fire. However, the anecdotal evidence has not confirmed that a interest rate rise will stop inflation in its tracks. What it will do is cause a depression. The FED believes that a depression, or let’s say an economic contraction will douse the inflation flames somewhat. 

But let us be clear here; the November election is on our door step, only seven months away. Going into a recession at summer’s end is not palatable for the party in power.

Will Branden step on Powell’s breaks is the Number One question. This week, the unemployment rate as well as inflation numbers are expected. Initial jobless claims are forecast to be below 200,000, but came in over 200,000.  How will Powell react to them? A .50% interest rate increase is expected.

The so-called PCE price index has climbed 6.2% in the 12 months ended in February, marking the biggest increase since January 1982.

Change from Month One Year Ago

February 2022 6.4 %

January 2022 6.0 %

December 2021 5.8 %

November 20215.6 %


The SUPERGENE CYCLE IS UPON US. Experts are now predicting 10% inflation by the third quarter; the first quarter most likely will be close to 7%, led by 8-9% for the month of March. At first it was supply chain that was blamed, then Covid-19, now the war in Ukraine. But the real cause is Joe Byedin, a skeleton figure collapsing on the world stage.

When they say “break a leg” on Broadway, they mean, “Good Luck” when the curtains rise. Joe Bye-din took the phrase literally, breaking more than a leg. A failure by any measure.

See below for one of our prescient posts published in July 2020. 


To those deniers in Washington and for the matter the socialist monetary machination printers in Brussels, we warn you of the iceberg made of gold that lays in front of you; INFLATION.! Yes the mighty animal has begun to rear its ugly head after a Rip Van Winkle sabbatical. In case the money printers haven’t noticed, gold is now breaking out of its more than five year hibernation. Silver has penetrated the $20 mark with abandon, gold $1800. The question is what is it trying to tell you? Danger lies ahead, the fog horn has warned you all.

And what has awakened the animal instincts of the precious metals markets? Have they not perceived the risk in front of themPrinting trillions upon trillions of dollars, Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Yuan, reals, dinars, francs, rubles, lira, pesos, and riyals is the fuel that has elevated the precious metals into orbitWe look for all time highs, silver $50 and gold breaching $2500.


The Bull Run continues

And we add, the true damage has not been done, nor perceived. Commodities, from wheat to copper have seen prices surge to all time highs. In fact many are up over 50% from a year ago. The recent implosion of Bitcoin is a tell tale sign of what is in store for us.

Again we go out on the proverbial limb by forecasting another 15-20% drop in the Dow Industrial Average; Bitcoin to follow. During this implosion look no further to protect your wealth than to the time tested survivor going back millennia, GOLD GOLD GOLD.Gold, silver prices go up, analysts decode reasons - Hindustan Times

Silver price hits eight-year high; Robinhood raises another $2.4bn – as it happened | Business | The Guardian

$7 a gallon for regular gasoline? At least 1 gas station in LA is getting close to that mark

$7 a gallon for regular gasoline? At least 1 gas station in LA is getting close to that mark

“That’s insane,” said one driver. “I don’t think we’ve ever paid that … ever.”

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County rose to $5.247 on Saturday, but some gas stations in the area have even higher prices.

The Shell gas station located at Olympic Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Mid-City was advertising regular unleaded at $6.99 a gallon. The price for premium was listed at $7.29 a gallon.

Time for the Democrats to pay come NovemberOnly a strong Defense can protect America. Libtards are weak, they rather live under the Marxist-Lenin paradigm seen in Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. 

The price of oil has soared to the highest level since 2008 after the US said it was discussing a potential embargo on Russian oil with its allies.Silhouette oil rig.


Brent crude – the global oil benchmark – spiked above $139 a barrel in Asia trade, before easing to below $130.

Energy markets have been rocked in recent days over supply fears triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Consumers are already feeling the impact of higher energy costs as fuel prices and household bills jump.

Asia stocks markets were fell in early trade on Monday, with Japan’s Nikkei index down by more 3% and the Hang Seng in Hong Kong 2.7% lower.

On Sunday, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Biden administration and its allies are discussing an embargo of Russian oil supplies.

The comments came as pressure grows on the White House and other Western nations to take tougher action against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

A Russian oil embargo would be a major escalation in the response to the invasion of Ukraine and would potentially have a major impact on the global economy.



Asia Times

Dollar reserve system frays with India-Russia currency deals
Sanctions on Russia boomerang on US dollar as questions about the rationale behind existing financial system spread far and wide

MARCH 26, 2022

India is de facto helping Russia evade Western sanctions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine. Photo: BRICS

NEW YORK – Russia and India took a small but important step towards non-dollar trade financing and investment on March 25, when the Reserve Bank of India allowed Russia to invest the proceeds of its arms sales to India in local-currency corporate bonds.

Russia’s account with India’s central bank is small, with a reported balance of US$262 million, but the prospective advantages to both countries are enormous: India will pay for one of its most important import items, namely Russian weapons, in local currency, and Russia will invest the proceeds in a financial market safe from sanctions.

India changed its rules on external commercial borrowing to accommodate the Russian proposal, Bloomberg News reported. The US, European Union (EU) and Japan seized Russian central bank reserves as well as the assets of wealthy Russian nationals after Moscow’s troops invaded Ukraine in late February.

That is another small but indicative crack in the framework of the US dollar reserve system. Saudi Arabia reportedly will accept RMB in payment for oil shipments to China, its largest customer.

That implies in turn that the Saudi kingdom will maintain a significant portion of its reserves in Chinese currency, possibly in an arrangement like the Indian-Russian agreement for reinvestment of the proceeds of arms sales.

Human rights organizations have denounced Saudi Arabia for “longstanding human rights abuses,” as Human Rights Watch wrote on its website. After the seizure of Russian reserves, the Saudis are reluctant to keep their wealth where the US or other Western governments can grab it. Diversification into RMB is a logical alternative.

Russia, meanwhile, has demanded payment for gas shipments to “unfriendly” countries in its own currency, forcing European gas customers to purchase rubles on the open market. The ruble rallied from a low point of 140 rubles to the dollar on March 8 to 100 rubles to the dollar on March 25.

After the US, Europe and Japan seized more than half of Russia’s $630 billion in the wake of the Ukraine war, Russia has few safe places to park oil and gas earnings in dollars and rubles.

By accepting payment in rubles, Russia effectively removes some of its own currency from circulation, holding up the ruble’s exchange rate and suppressing inflationary pressure that arises from currency devaluation.


Graphic: Asia Times
The “nuclear” sanctions against the Russian economy will cause a 10% contraction this year, according to Goldman Sachs economist Clemens Grafe, followed by 3-4% growth in 2023 and 2024 – hardly the stuff that regime change is made of.

With oil and gas sales running at an estimated $1.1 billion a day, Russia probably will show a current account surplus of $200 billion this year, slightly higher than its $165 billion annualized surplus during the fourth quarter of 2021.

The International Monetary Fund, the international financial Institution created in 1944 to manage the world’s currencies on a combined gold and dollar standard, is worried. The gold part of the standard disappeared in 1971 when the United States unilaterally ceased paying for its current-account deficit in gold transfers.

But the dollar’s central role was affirmed in 1974, when Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil producers agreed to keep oil trade denominated in dollars, in return for US security guarantees.

All that might change, the IMF wrote on its website on March 15: “The war may fundamentally alter the global economic and geopolitical order should energy trade shift, supply chains reconfigure, payment networks fragment, and countries rethink reserve currency holdings.”

One indication of doubts about the dollar’s central reserve role is the rise in gold prices. Gold typically trades closely with the yields on Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS), which serve the same function. Both hedge against an unexpected inflation shock and currency depreciation.

During the past month, the gold price has decoupled from TIPS yields, rising instead of falling as inflation-indexed interest rates shot up.


Graphic: Asia Times
Judging from gold’s historic relationship to TIPS yields, the metal is about $300 too expensive. That suggests a geopolitical risk premium.

The US Treasury said on March 24 that existing sanctions prevent Russia from selling its gold reserves, worth about $140 billion at the present market price of about $1,960 an ounce. Numerous news reports have reported a “freeze” on Russia’s gold reserves due to Western sanctions, which is entirely misleading. Russia doesn’t need to sell gold to raise cash; it is taking in $1.1 billion a day from energy sales.

Central banks that trade outside the dollar system, for example, Russia and India, could use gold to settle balances. If Russia exports more to India than India exports to Russia under the local currency arrangement, Russia might invest the money in Indian assets, per the new agreement with the Reserve Bank of India. Alternately, India might transfer gold to Russia to settle the difference.

American or European sanctions are irrelevant in the case of a bilateral gold transfer between central banks.

America’s threat to the world comes down to the possibility that it might stop borrowing money from the rest of the world (its net foreign investment position is now negative $14 trillion) to buy goods from the rest of the world. America, that is, runs a trillion-dollar-a-year current account deficit, and finances the deficit by selling reserve assets to the rest of the world.

By seizing several hundred billion dollars of Russia’s central bank reserves, Washington has put a question mark over the rationale for the existing financial system, and encouraged the rest of the world to “rethink currency reserve holdings,” as the IMF put it.

But in plain English, that means to rethink the trillion dollars a year that the rest of the world lends to the United States.

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Registrar of Voters: “Do you have proof of citizenship?”

Potential Voter: “Not today, didn’t know it was required.”


And that is how the conversation will go. Illegals en masse will try to vote, cast a ballot, choose a left wing Libtard with a bleeding heart, to vote in more free everything legislation,

Arizona Passes Proof-of-Citizenship Law for Voting in Presidential Elections

Voting rights groups said the legislation signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, could prevent tens of thousands of people from voting for president.  THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE IS TRUE, HOWEVER THOSE WHO WILL BE PREVENTED FROM VOTING ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS, FELONS AND INELIGIBLE BECAUSE OF RESIDENCY. The pervs don’t tell you that. 


Sign Up for On Politics, for Times subscribers only.  A Times reader’s guide to the political news in Washington and across the nation. 

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona has signed legislation requiring voters to prove their citizenship in order to vote in a presidential election, swiftly drawing a legal challenge from voting rights activists who argued that it could keep tens of thousands of voters from casting a ballot.

The Arizona measure, passed into law on Wednesday, also requires newly registered voters to provide a proof of address, which could have a disproportionate impact on students, older voters who no longer drive, low-income voters and Native Americans.

Legal experts said the new rules might run afoul of both federal law and recent Supreme Court decisions. On Wednesday, Mi Familia Vota, a voting rights group, filed a federal lawsuit challenging the law.

The law is one of several new voting restrictions that the Republican-led Legislature in Arizona is working to pass this year, despite multiple investigations and a partisan election review that found no evidence of widespread fraud in the state in the 2020 election.



Not even his namesake would commit such an act. Vlad the Impaler, aka Vlad Tepes, had an arsenal second to none. He watched his back, determined to be proactive, always looking over his shoulder.

This is contrary to Vlad Putin, who as the story unfolds, is facing a back stabbing threat from a known adversary, a military insider, but which one?

Assassination talk inside the Kremlin has begun. How will it occur? By gun, knife, chemicals, poison or suicide vest. At this point it is only talk, but when there is talk, there is also smoke and when there is smoke there is fire.  Whoever perpetrates such a killing will be a hero to the world if he/she ends the Ukraine Invasion.  Vlad the Impaler: Between Fact and Fiction

The Ukrainian militia is holding its own against a formidable enemy. The Ruskie dead are spiraling upwards; estimates as high of 15,000 have been slabbed, that is taken out on the horizontal. Rumors are now reaching the Motherland and the Tovarish don’t like it. Questions are being asked, but answers are far and few and in between.

Zelenskyy to Fox News: Ukraine ‘will not accept any outcome’ besides ‘victory’

Zelenskyy said that giving up territory is ‘out of discussion


“What matters for us is that you and the whole world should know that we are a country at war,” Zelenskyy continued. “We were attacked. That is what matters. That is the biggest tragedy. And today, to hear those reports about something happening someplace something exploded while there is war in Ukraine – honestly it’s not professional to talk about it. They occupied our territory. They attacked us. This war going on for 8 years so whatever happens in a certain situation it’s hard for me to comment.”

“Just give us missiles, give us airplanes, you cannot give us F–18 or F-19 or whatever you have, give us old Soviet planes,” Zelenskyy said. “That’s all. Give them into my hands. Give me something to defend my county with.”

At the close of the interview, Baier asked Zelenskyy about comparisons some have made between him and Winston Churchill.

“God chooses what we can endure, and I think this was not by chance,” Zelenskyy said. “I know we will stand through this.”