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This is not rocket science, but the proof is in the pudding, socialism is the worst disease known to man; there is no cure. And the likes of Pelosi and Schumer think they have the answers. Just look at NY and LA and will understand the deplorable conditions that exist under Democratic leadership. Poop infested streets are ubiquitous in San Francisco, the home of AIDS; will the corona virus spread there like wildfire? Ask Pelosi, she has all the answers.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is putting the race for a cure to the test. We must not hide behind Great Walls, Hermit Kingdoms need to share facts on the ground. Access to ground zero is a definite must. Most countries, in this case China, must allow outside epidemiologists to do what they have to do. And that is to visit Wuhan, the epicenter. Without knowing the conditions that existed there at the time the virus went viral, researchers can only guess on what happened and how it happened.

China has single handily brought the world economy to an abrupt halt. They have hid behind closed doors, closing off their borders to organizations like the CDC and WHO. Don’t let the WHO fool you though, they are run by globalists. They initially called for free travel across borders, so not to hurt the economy. Apparently they were not interested in peoples health; how ironic.


China has a standing army of three million, their air-force, Navy and army is second to only the United States. They exert hegemony over the South China Sea, their tentacles have reached Africa and Latin America, their sway has reached all four corners of the world. They beat the drums at every turn, military parades are prevalent, but most importantly China’s tentacles are far reaching, like an octopus gathering its prey. China is best defined as a world wide military and economic machine.

However, with all of that power one would think that they could meet any challenge, but a funny thing happened at the start of the Year of the Rat, a minuscule piece of RNA, aka Corona Virus aka Covid-19, has brought the country to their knees; HOW IRONIC! Lock Down at Wuhan, including sister cities with over 50 million people are veritable ghost towns. However, restrictions exist on 750 million people across the country. One thing that is evident at the present time, is that we don’t know what caused the virus to go, no pun intended, VIRAL.

For now, the virus has stopped Hong Kong protests in its tracks, but once the catastrophe passes, look out below. We will see protests demands across China. Hong Kong will be on fire. The question will be, what will Xi do about it. Will this be another Tienanmen Square event?


Eric Holder (click) A rabble rousing racist killing lawbreaker

Barack Obama (click) A Muslim under the skin. America made a big mistake here.

Juan Williams (click) A quintessential manifestation of one who has reached a level of incompetence, but still employed. Fire him FOX

Illan Omar (click) A Somali nothing

Rashida Tlaib (click) What else would you expect from from this garbage talking puke

Fareed Zacharia (click) How did he get into this country

Just thought you would like to know the following; Not only do the above zealots adhere to a radical ideology, they or their parents immigrated to the United States. That in itself is not something we harp on, but in the case of Obama, Omar and Tlaib, we take major exception to their trash talk. For example, Omar was born in Somalia, so if she has many suggestions on “Making America Great Again”, we ask, why the hell doesn’t she go back to where she came from and apply herself to fixing the problems there?. We don’t need a hypocrite here in the United States telling us how to run our country, we have done fine for the past 250 years.

And with the case of Rashida Tlaib, who said, “impeach the mother, when referring to President Trump, we take another exception. A born again pseudo-Palestinian suicide bomber, who knows nothing about history. Although born in Detroit, a bastion of anti-Israel hating Muslims, to East Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria parents, who have 14 children , she constantly throws out antisemitic diatribe, without remorse. Americans don’t need to be lectured by this foul mouthed skank who toes the radical anti-Israel and American line. The Judea and Samaria Area covers a portion of the territory designated by the ancient names Judea and Samaria. Samaria corresponds to part of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, also known as the Northern Kingdom. Judea corresponds to part of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, also known as the Southern Kingdom. The terminology was also noted by the UN in the 1947 partition plan, when it stated “the boundary of the hill country of Samaria and Judea starts on the Jordan River..

Eight years of Obama proved nothing else other then he is a radical enemy of the United States and all that it stands for. He is solely responsible for the breakdown in race relations. He hangs with radical Islamist such as Louis Farrakhan. Do we need to say more?


Former Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at journalist and author Paul Sperry on Twitter Wednesday, telling Sperry that he should “shut the hell up” about federal prosecutor Molly Gaston’s donations to former President Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, Sperry had tweeted that Gaston, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C., had signed off on a letter informing the attorney for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that the government would not pursue charges against McCabe.

Sperry tweeted that Gaston “is [a] Democrat who’s given thousands to Dems including Obama & who once worked for Dem side of House Oversight & whose mother worked for WaPo [The Washington Post].”


Massachusetts City Will Allow Illegal Aliens to Drive Without a License

Jason Hopkins @thejasonhopkins / February 21, 2020 / 37 Comments

City councilors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to prohibit police officers from arresting illegal aliens if they are caught operating a vehicle without a license.

Under a newly passed city ordinance in Cambridge, residents are still legally required to carry a driver’s license if they are operating a vehicle, but local law enforcement has been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens caught driving without identification, Boston 25 News first reported.


The city ordinance, ordained Feb. 10, marks what appears to be the most lenient policy for illegal immigrants and roadway rules.

The city councillors who passed the ordinance say it’s necessary given increased immigration enforcement emanating from the White House.

In these trying times, we must turn to the greatest document in the history of the world to promise freedom and opportunity to its citizens for guidance. Find out more now >>

“We need to protect our community members from a federal government that’s out of control,” Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan said of the rule. “There are no other reasons for the police to arrest someone, give them a court summons instead, which keeps them out of the clutches of the Trump administration.”

Known as the Welcoming City Ordinance, the rule spells out what is expected of law enforcement if they encounter an illegal alien operating a vehicle.

“When taking action against a person who is found to be driving without a valid driver’s license, officers of the Cambridge Police Department shall, whenever possible in the officer’s discretion and if there are no other violations causing the person to be arrested, issue a summons to court instead of taking the person into custody,” text of the ordinance read.

“In such circumstances, the law enforcement officer taking action shall endeavor to provide the driver a reasonable opportunity to arrange for a properly licensed operator to drive the vehicle before seeking to impound the vehicle, unless the violation is one subject to a statutory or regulatory requirement of vehicle impoundment,” the ordinance continued.

The Welcoming City Ordinance is not limited to roadways, but also forbids law enforcement from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status, and restricts information sharing and cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

growing number of states have implemented laws allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. New York and New Jersey, for example, recently passed laws that allow illegal aliens to earn a license. However, the ordinance in Cambridge takes the unprecedented step of allowing individuals to operate a vehicle without identification entirely.

Illegal aliens caught driving without a license in the city could still be arrested, but only if there are other circumstances beyond a lack of identification.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the Cambridge Police Department for comment about the law, but no response was immediately provided.

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A Note for our Readers:

This is a critical year in the history of our country. With the country polarized and divided on a number of issues and with roughly half of the country clamoring for increased government control—over health care, socialism, increased regulations, and open borders—we must turn to America’s founding for the answers on how best to proceed into the future.

The Heritage Foundation has compiled input from more than 100 constitutional scholars and legal experts into the country’s most thorough and compelling review of the freedoms promised to us within the United States Constitution into a free digital guide called Heritage’s Guide to the Constitution.

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Jason Hopkins


Jason Hopkins is a reporter covering immigration issues for the Daily Caller News Foundation.


Matt Gaetz Goes on “The View” and Begins Running Circles Around Everyone

Posted at 12:45 pm on February 21, 2020 by Brandon Morse

“I see you are wearing Black”

After exchanging a couple of pleasantries, Gaetz didn’t even wait for the women to begin talking about specific things. He immediately went on the offensive, noting that co-hostess (click here)Joy Behar must be wearing black because of the death of the Democrat party.


Michael Bloomberg the billionaire ventured into the Hood this week, a place he is not familiar with. And guess what happened, he was beaten to a pulp, ambushed by thieves, murderers, killers, robbers and liars – all of them Democrats. The whipping he took was similar to the one that “Lock her Up” took from Donald J. Trump on that infamous day of November 8, 2016. There is a lesson here, “WHAT STAYS IN VEGAS NO LONGER STAYS IN VEGAS.”

So with all of the double talk by “mini mike” it is time to get the record straight. Democrat billionaires are in reality a bunch of autocrats ( a ruler who has absolute power) , Republican candidates are bunch of libertarians (Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power). The difference between them is like night and day.

The Moral question then becomes on November 3, 2020 is the type of country Americans want live by. Is it one ruled by a socialist autocrat or a laissez-faire freedom driven libertarian. We are willing to bet that the majority of Americans will vote for FREEDOM. There is no other choice.

We will be kicking Ass come November.


House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) Is as Delusional as Any Democrat in Congress

Posted at 10:00 am on February 19, 2020 by Stu Cvrk


Do congressional Democrats live in a bubble of some kind, or do they simply ignore the facts while bleating out their version of an alternative reality? They’re in complete denial about the Trump economy and refuse to give the President any credit whatsoever for the great economic and unemployment numbers. Be sure to check out the quote in bold below for direct evidence of that!

The latest example is House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), who was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Tuesday afternoon. Here are excerpts from that astounding Q&A:


From his answers we can deduce that Clyburn is the ultimate Slave Owner. He is the “massa” of the plantation. Stupidity is one thing but being an idiot is another; Clyburn wins on both counts.