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Isn’t it ironic that Governor Cuomo blames Trump for the number of deaths relating to the Covid-19 Wuhan Coronavirus. Cuomo said he followed Trump’s CDC orders. Following orders from the Federal Government? This must be the first time.

For this hypocrite lets loose illegal aliens from jail, allows felons to vote, his sanctuary city policies protect criminals and the best yet, Cuomo told all New Yorkers to go shopping in Chinatown. We wonder how many people caught the virus while shopping there.

THE BLAME GAME STARTS! When an animal is caged they snarl to ward off attackers. This is the response expected of Cuomo who won’t take ownership of the dead bodies rolling out of nursing homes. If you believe him, we have a bridge to sell you.

So Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take Covid-19 patients without the necessary precautions that would have otherwise protected those who were non Covid-19 symptomatic. He was responsible to insure that all nursing home took the necessary steps in preparation for the virus effective patients before admitting them. But he did not.

Tucker Carlson lays it all out. Click here for his take.



MEMORIAL DAY – WHEN THE TRUE HERO IS NOT FORGOTTEN. Americans celebrate Memorial Day, but on this fitting occasion it is important to remember and give tribute to the men and women who have perished in our defense. They gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life, so we can live in liberty.

So this weekend, with the parades coming down Main Street being a distant memory, play the Battle Hymn, Yankee Doodle Dandy and the Star Spangled Banner as a reminder of those who served Our Country with pride.

Never forget them; it is our duty to witness and defend the Country they gave their life for. They had courage and valor, but never saw the victory we live today. Remembering them is the least we can do to honor their life, for they did not die in vain.

Please Salute the Flag in their honor.  Thank you.


The Joe Biden Story is in the early stages of implosion. If his gaffes continue unabated there is no telling how many more people he will insult. The latest
if your Black and don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black”, this did not sit well with the Black Street. Give them credit for waking up to the threat that the Democrat party has posed to them during the past 100 years.

Their acquiesce to the liberal elite is being shattered by many of the Blacks who question that one size fits all. They see President Trump as a Republican who has done more for the Black family, Black Education and Black employment. Others who came before have a record when pandering to the Blacks, they were all talk, but no action.



CLICK HERE for the response by the NAACP


Joe Biden was accused of making a racist comment by critics on Friday after he argued African-Americans who can’t decide whether to vote for him or President Trump “ain’t black.”

They are going all in on Sleepy Joe Biden come November. Is this the best they have to offer? But before Joe gets there he will have to answer questions regarding the unmasking of General Flynn. And secondly, he continues to drag around the collateral damage of his son Hunter Biden.

We know from past experience that Joe Biden et al is a shakedown artist. The lame stream media hasn’t exposed him to the degree required of honest journalism. But don’t be disillusioned because John Bull Durham has unleashed the cattleman’s lasso that will eventually rope him in.

Covid-19 aside, Biden is hole up in his rats nest. Drawing crowds of one. What is he afraid of? Come out Joe, speak to us; be a man. Pelosi’s team has gathered around you, that might offer solace for the time being. However, eventually, like Saddam Hussein, we will draw you out like the weasel you are. Yeah pick a V.P., a woman, maybe a one of color thinking this will up your chances come November. It doesn’t matter Joe, people see you speak mumble jumble and they have to wonder when you will drop dead. No kidding!


Cuomo has blamed it all on Trump. Shoving Covid-19 individuals into nursing homes was Trump’s fault according to the Mad Governor. What ever it is that has gone wrong, Trump is at fault. Ask President Trump Video, CLICK HERE.

The Big Apple Mayor shouts at the top of his lungs to go to Chinatown where thousands were afflicted with the Wuhan virus. Great job Mayor. These two maniacs are going down in flames come the next election. And AOC, great job from the get-go, Amazon made the correct move fleeing the city that hosts radical leftist like here and the rest of the crew. Going back to the age of Freddie Flintstone is what they want and now they got it.

But that is not all, these political leeches want you and I to bail them out to the tune of $9.5 Billion dollars. 500,000 thousand are out of work, sucking the city and state dry. They want the Red States to write them a check, they will fill in the amount. Another pipe dream that won’t come true.


Bovine spongiform encephalopathy has taken its toll on the ex-VP. The disease is destroying Biden’s brain by feasting on the tissues that provide neuron interconnections. It is degenerative and fatal. Right now he is in the mid stage of transition and it shows during his blundering quips. We “prey” for Joe to keep up his cellar dweller status, keep the sun tan lamp on, do some push ups and break out on July 4th; “We hold these truths to be self evident, you know, “the thing.” By then, he will look fine, but his slurred speech will be a lot worse.



Recently we have seen innumerable liars unmasked relating to the unmasking of Flynn. These criminals went on social media throwing out a multitude of lies that would be the envy of any Communist dictator. However, when forced to testify under oath they told the truth.

What this cabal did was provide the lame stream media with fodder to implicate the Trump administration in a Russian conspiracy. In fact there was no conspiracy by Trump, but there was one by the Obama Administration.

Precedence aside Lindsey Graham, Obama must come to the table. He needs to answer hard questions as the Commander in Chief, he was the ONE at the TOP, was the dircetor of this operation.

So there is no other choice, put Obama under Oath, squeeze him until he talks; He obviously is a lying criminal who directed the GREATEST AMERICAN CRIME in America, “a COUP d’ETAT. The penalty for this is “DEATH.” Does anyone think that if it was a Republican Administration that the Democrats would let them off the hook? NO WAY!,


The Wuhan pandemic was not by chance but by choice. Premier Xi Jinping was upset that Ren Zhengfei’s daughter, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada at the request of the Trump administration for violating a Trump edict not to do business with Iran.


The United States was facing an existential threat from Chinese companies who stole valuable research and technology from U.S. In many ways they were leading in 5G technology; this was their way of an inroads to the European Union until Trump stepped in. Huawei, the company built by Ren Zhengfei was racking up revenue equal to some of our largest companies. Their cell phone monopoly in China had no problem eating Apple’s lunch.

So what did China do to ameliorate the threat posed by Trump? They decided to kill the world economy and teach Trump and others a lesson. The Chinese economy before the pandemic was in a tale spin, but the U.S. was booming. China had to act fast. In order to even the playing field they decided to leak the Coronavirus in Wuhan from the lab which was not only studying it but doing valuable research on it. This was no error here as many have surmised; this leaking was done on purpose.

After letting it out into the Wuhan population at large where it afflicted many hundreds of thousands and killed thousands. The virus was allowed to metastasized for a few weeks thereby affecting many foreigners, but before they locked down the city. Then, their plan was to let the foreigners and Chinese who had businesses elsewhere to fly out of China bringing the virus with them.

Subsequently the flood gates of Wuhan were lock-down for good. Keep in mind that once the virus got to the critical mass stage, no Chinese was allowed out of Hubei province. That is why very few people in the rest of China got sick. Their lies and propaganda continue to this day. But rest assured that countries like Russia, who are in the thick of it, will act in a retribution way. Vladimir Putin does not let a good deed go unpunished. Either will Trump. The United States is now on target to reach 100,000 deaths. Count assured, China will pay.


An order has gone out from the Durham Team to procure leg bracelets for the soon to be found guilty alleged criminals. Don’t let a day go by before more incriminating news comes out that these &**^^T$#@ colluded from day one to undermine the Presidency of the United States. These were treasonous acts, sedition if you will, committed by LOSERS who could not accept the devastating defeat they took on November 8, 2016.

They Trump Haters went into rage the night of November 8, 2016

Never in our lifetime has there been a plot like the one we are living now. The criminal Democrats thought that it was impossible for “Lock Her Up” to lose, but insiders at the FBI decided they needed an “insurance policy.” Even before Trump was elected, that is during his campaign, these criminals perpetrated the “Mother of all Lies.” Clinton paid for a fake dossier, a treasonous act, a seditious action against the free will of the American people. We are talking about an internal Coup d’etat.

The unmasking a names by White House Officials is prima facie evidence of a salacious plot orchestrated by Obama and carried out by his administration. Now we know for sure that this is a fact. A 302s interrogation summary has mysteriously disappeared – like Clinton’s emails. This doesn’t happen unless a conspiracy has taken place, one that is ongoing.

Bill Barr has let loose his dogs who smell blood; they will sic every one of them until they bleed to death. And they will, either by their cell mate murderers in the Iron Bar Motel or by falling on their own knife. John “Bull” Durham is leading the hunt. Currently, from what we know, indictments are being prepared. The top lawyers have been hired to defend the guttersnipes.

Denials have come en-masse by the guilty for the sole purpose to obfuscate the crime and blame partisan politics. The lame stream media has pushed their agenda. No mention of the missing 302s nor have they given ink to the unmasking by Obama officials. Even Sally Yates was shocked to learn that the President knew in advance what what transpired.