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CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST. The United States can learn a thing or two from Israel about border patrol, but for our Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr. it is too late. Shot in cold blood by two Mexican thugs right in front of his family, who by the way were deported several times only to cross the border once again; this cost the life of our border patrol agent Javier Vega Jr.

The shocking thing here is that the two criminals were previously apprehended  for crossing the border illegally. Both returned to the United States after wading across the Rio Grande. Failure of our courts and to protect the border by Obama with force have led to his death. Obama surely has blood on his hands, liberal judges have just as much blood on their hands.

“Shoot to kill” is the best and only way to stop these varmints from entering our country. The rule of law is paramount, without its enforcement more of these wanton murders will occur. It is noteworthy that illegals account for up to 45% of the crimes in California. muchasgraciasamigo


One suspect has been arrested no fewer than four times for entering the U.S. illegally, according to federal court records. The other has been deported twice after entering the U.S. illegally, sources said.


All of our efforts were not in vain, Milton Wolf put up a gallant fight against heavy odds, losing by a scant 7% (48-41),. The important thing to remember is that he set the agenda that his 78 year old  opponent must follow for the next 6 years. Although the TEA PARTY put a lot of effort into this nationally watched race, the word around town is that we are a force to be reckoned with as we continue to march toward our ultimate victory.

All eyes will be on Kansas tonight. Hopefully the Wizard of Oz will show up. A real twister is in store pitting Republican Milton Wolf a second cousin of Obama (he is white) no less is running on the Tea Party banner against an entrenched three term Republican. Senator Roberts is expected to win, so this is a long shot, but sometimes longs shots come in;  we think Eric Cantor can tell you something about that.WIZARD OF OZ ORIGINAL POSTER 1939.jpg But this will be no yellow brick road for Roberts who carries the RINO water for President Obama. Stay tuned for tonight’s results.


A woman from Sierra Leone who was a passenger on a Gambian Jet that  landed Saturday at London’s Gatwick airport began to sweat and vomit before crashing in the terminal; was taken to the hospital where she later died. Tested for ebola proved negative, but that may not be the last of it . 

Ebola man? walks into New York Hospital; a returnee from West Africa. Test results to be announced later today.


Through the Broken Looking Glass

The Mad Hatter has become violently psychotic, the Red Queen has converted to Islam, the Looking Glass is broken and we may never be able to get home again. Indeed, our beloved country and the world appear to have tipped over an evil edge and no one with any power or authority is doing a thing to drag it back. It’s as if God put LSD and meth in the world’s drinking water and filled the air with angel dust instead of pollen.

Barack Hussein Obama, along with his gang of leftist co-conspirators and puppet-masters, has been ramping up his imposition of the policies of the old New Left – the destructive strategies and tactics of Saul Alinsky ( and Cloward and Piven (; They are overwhelming middle-class America with poverty and unemployment, massive illegal federal regulations, an unsustainable and growing tax burden, rampant inflation, and a vicious and growing attack on traditional religion, morals, values, and culture. With the control of the major media in their hands, they have turned what used to be relatively balanced news coverage into blatant propaganda and indoctrination, aka, brainwashing. Thus, most Americans don’t even know what’s happening to them, much less why. They know something is wrong, but are incessantly lied to about what it is, and who is doing it to them.

The really pathetic part of this is our “leaders” think they are a truly enlightened elite, superior to our once free middle-class in all things, but their performance clearly shows that they are anything but. Like most knee-jerk Marxists, Obama and his illegal appointees have no understanding of economics, either capitalist or, ironically, socialist. Like the vast majority of “revolutionaries” they only know how to destroy, not create. Thus, we see Obama’s economic policies creating poverty to get people on federal government welfare, but at the same time rapidly shrinking the number of people providing the taxes that pay for the welfare programs. Thus, those working must pay more and more of what they earn in taxes, having less and less to spend on the consumer goods whose prices are rising all around them, causing businesses to stop hiring or close, creating a vicious cycle that won’t stop until the house of cards collapses completely.

The current assault on the system and the middle-class consists of enticing tens of thousands of ignorant, desperately poor Hispanic parents to send their children off on insanely dangerous journeys across international borders to enter America illegally over out once secure southern border. Obama and his fellow criminals in the State Department have sent the message that if they come, we will shower them with what to them seem riches, and allow them to stay forever. The reality is that they are spreading disease amongst themselves and us, and are being exploited and manipulated, used as pawns in an incredibly ugly and cynical game, in which they will ultimately be the losers.

The far-left dominated State Department, currently presided over by knee-jerk leftist and unindicted traitor, John Kerry, who took over from Saul Alinsky-worshipping Hillary Clinton (, has been totally unsuccessful in becoming the vanguard of the world left that Obama and his toadies imagined themselves to be. They completely botched the attempt to be equals and partners with Putin’s neo-fascist Russia, instead, enabling Russia to overwhelm Georgia and Ukraine and expand their naval presence in the Black Sea. They were helpless – feckless, is probably a more accurate description – in preventing Russian support of Syrian dictator Assad, and instead, chose to support the “rebels” who have turned out to be savage, evil barbarians of a sort not seen in a thousand years ( Obama’s support of these people and unwillingness to do anything to stop them has allowed them to overrun much of Iraq. Libya, too, has fallen to the Islamist extremists whom Obama appears to love so much.

In addition, he and his State Department refused to sell the Iraqi government, who they claim to support, jet fighters to defend themselves, forcing them to turn to the Russians. They have completely bungled the talks with Iran, unfreezing billions in assets and allowing them to continue building their nukes, unimpeded. And to top it off, the traitors Obama and Kerry have taken the side of radical, Jew and Christian-hating Islamist Hamas which has poured thousands of rockets into residential Israeli neighborhoods, rather than that of long-time ally Israel which is only defending itself. As usual, the list could go on and on, but space limits us. In the meantime, the Destroyer-in-Chief is off on another lavish, multi-million dollar, taxpayer-paid-for vacation. Destroying the free world is ever-so-tiring.

Obama’s lawlessness and disdain for our Constitution and his illegal, dictatorial actions and orders is clear to everyone but the most willfully blind. To destroy, one needs to hate, and this is something that Obama is consumed by – hatred of America, freedom, Christianity, and America’s white, hard-working, capitalist middle-class. To create, one needs to love, but Obama loves only himself. Please ask yourself, how much more of this wanton destruction of America and the world are you willing to allow?



Vultures pluck the eyes out of a human coyote before they inhale their last breath. Trained by the drug cartels, teenagers bring a new angle in the importation of illegal drugs.  The coyote 2009-Coyote-Yosemite.jpgcarries contraband for sale in the United States. Making the long trek over barren ground, with water scarce the risk becomes even greater; if the heat doesn’t get you, hunger and thirst will. To rest is to become a road kill  victim for the scavenger in wait.

This brings us to catastrophe taking place on our southern border, one of Obama’s own doing. Bringing in diseases by the thousands, spreading the black plague and denuge fever which is prevalent in Central and South America including Mexico.World map showing the countries where the Aedes mosquito is found (the southern US, eastern Brazil and most of sub-Saharan Africa), as well as those where Aedes and dengue have been reported (most of Central and tropical South America, South and Southeast Asia and many parts of tropical Africa).

The liberals are guilty of spreading this foreign manure across urban fields. So far there hasn’t been an outbreak on par with the African Ebola pandemic, but wait a few months when tuberculosis and scabies go viral. Be prepared, buy a face mask for protection against a still unseen enemy.

But wait the real cost will come when we spend upwards of $500,000 per individual for education. Educating them is a myth. It will find minor successes, but overall a failure of magnitude on par with Obamacare.

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

The New Boston Tea Party where “REVOLUTION IS THE SOLUTION”


May a Piece be With You


Chicago brought out more then fire crackers (cherry bombs – T bombs) on the 4th of July, the real bangs came from the barrel of a 9mm. Fourteen people met the their maker, killed by gang bangers. This did not cause any alarm in Washington D.C.  Obama read about it in the paper while having his morning cup of Joe. When question about the violence in his hometown, Obama muttered, “only 14?” Like who cares, even if it was fifty it really didn’t matter to him.

When the United Nations becomes a hideout for Hamas, a terrorist organization, that takes refuge among children, firing rockets and missiles from a school into Israel, not a peep is heard from Obama. However, when Israel retaliates and nineteen children are killed, Obama goes into a rage. According to reports, Hamas was firing rockets into Israel from a site adjacent to the school; to them the killing of children was a public relations success. Israel would be blamed as always, not Hamas the real perpetrators of the crime.  There still is no official explanation on who was responsible for the killings.

It doesn’t sound like Obama is too happy with Netanyahu. Too bad Mr. POTUS,  it’s about time you got slapped in the face by Israel. You are hanging then out to dry on Iran, but sooner or later, the mushroom cloud will arise in the once upon a time Persian empire. Netanyahu figures that if the U.S. doesn’t have the will to do the job, they will.

One question for you Mr. Obama, are you now a spokesman for Hamas?


Click here for the full article.  

The working poor are the biggest losers in D.C.’s amnesty game. U.S. Civil Rights commissioner Peter Kirsanow has been a lonely voice warning about the impact of mass illegal immigration and perpetual amnesty on low-income black Americans. “The country’s economic woes have disproportionately harmed African Americans, especially those with little education,” he warned this spring. “The economy has a glut of low-skilled workers, not a shortage,” he said, which is driving wages dow


Words in common use cannot accurately describe a headline for this article therefore we leave it to our readers to come up with one. Not only is the subject one of debate, but what has transpired here is worse than murder. See below!

Everyone knows about the profligacy of big government, but New York’s Governor Cuomo is telling the Federal Government to shove it. What is at stake here is $1.3 billion.  The Feds have demanded that New York cough up the money because their Medicaid costs for caring for 1300 developmentally disabled people was off the charts.  One may ask how much did it cost to care for these patients? And that is a valid question. This is where the “murder” charge comes in.  THE COST PER PATIENT WAS $2,000,000 (TWO MILLION PER PATIENT). This is not a misprint.

In 2011, New York charged a per-diem rate of $5,118 for residents of the institutions, a network of 11 centers that now house about 1,300 people with severe developmental disabilities. Over the course of a year, Medicaid spends $1.9 million for every resident, or $2.5 billion in total—with half coming from the federal government. But the cost of running the institutions is only a quarter of that amount.

The U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) were alerted to these obscene costs when called to their attention by a series of articles by the Poughkeepsie Journal back in 2010. The CMS investigation proved very enlightening. Lack procedures, no documentation and failure to abide by federal reporting requirements. Thus far Governor Cuomo is telling the Federal Government to go pound sand we are keeping the money. 

We compare Cuomo and the State of New York with an individual scamming welfare or unemployment insurance; when caught they cry the old sob story, the money is gone and we can’t pay it back.  “PAY UP Cuomo”  you are no better than a common criminal.

Where did the money go? Another question that needs answers. We hazard a guess – to Cuomo supporters working the facilities that housed the patients.  And people call the TEA PARTY a bunch of CRAZIES?  They have it all backwards, Progressives such as Andrew Cuomo are the problem not the solution to Big Government. Time for the rest of the nation to rise up and fight these demons.

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

The New Boston Tea Party where “REVOLUTION IS THE SOLUTION”


May a Piece be With You