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Adam Schiff Show is turning into a Shakespearean Comedy. Remember during the Mueller investigation, Schiff said he had direct evidence to prove that Trump colluded with Russia. Never produced because it didn’t exist. So now Little Adam is between a rock and hard place. Witness after witness has confirmed the Trump version of the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo.

Asked if he will now proceed with the formal proceedings of impeachment, Little Adam said, “I will turn to my constituents for advice.” At this point, we can only surmise what they will recommend. But anyway you look at it, Adam is a Class A-1 Dufus.

Guess what? If this goes to the Senate, the first witness will be the LIAR – LITTLE ADAM SCHIFF. The thought of this is sending shivers down his back. Our bet is that the whole House scam will implode in the next month or two.


The day of justice will prevail on November 3, 2020. Count on it! “WE THE PEOPLE” pronounce the sleaze bag Democrats guilty as charged. For three years they have turned over every rock on earth, having found not a scintilla of evidence or collusion, they continue their charade.

What has been found though is a criminal enterprise run by the House Democrats. Their deep state operatives are the enforcers, the ward captains. “Lock Her Up” ran the organization from the Democrat National Committee. Clinton has never shut up; she has biggest mouth this side of the Pecos. Prancing and dancing the globe lying and swindling those who listen to her. The DNC ordered the maliciously false Steele Dossier which became the key that resulted in the FISA court warrant allowing their apparatchiks to spy on the Trump campaign.

HOWEVER, all is not LOST, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, will report on December 9, 2019, who lied to the FISA Court.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found evidence that an FBI lawyer manipulated a key investigative document related to the FBI’s secretive surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser — enough to change the substantive meaning of the document, according to multiple reports.

The (Washington) Post, hours after publishing its story, conspicuously removed the portion of its reporting that the FBI employee involved was underneath Peter Strzok, the FBI’s since-fired head of counterintelligence. The Post did not offer an explanation for the change, which occurred shortly after midnight. Earlier this week, the DOJ highlighted a slew of anti-Trump text messages sent by Strzok when he was leading the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the probe into the Trump campaign.






APRIL 8, 2017

The Latino/Hispanic invasion continues without a word from major Black organisations. Where is the leadership, where is the Black Caucus, where is the NAACP? The influx of illegals from Latin America during the past three decades has marginalized the Black community. No longer are they a force to be reckoned with in the Democrat party, their power succeeded to the Latino/Hispanic cabal. All of this was done under the cover of racism. The Black leaders never realized or even if they did, none spoke out against this invasion. They were taken for granted that equal rights meant for all, even those with no gripe. According to latest estimates, there are 35,000,000 Hispanics residing in the USA, this includes Mexican, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and those from other countries; this is almost equivalent to 36,000,000 Blacks or those who are African American. The Blacks are now on the threshold of being marginalized.

Blacks have been clamoring for their rights ever since the founding, but the major thrust began after the Civil Rights bill of 1960 became law, this was subsequent to the Civil Rights Act of 1957 but preceded the 1964 and 1965 Acts. Since then Blacks have made great strides, however monies that were initially intended for them were side tracked to the Hispanic community. Bilingual education became paramount. Instead of the focus helping Black children in their childhood years funds became diverted. But now a new element has swallowed up more funds initially intended for Blacks. We are talking about bringing in refugees from foreign lands with a history of being anti-Christian and anti-Semitic. However, to ascertain the full impact one must look at the cost. And that cost to integrate these foreigners will run into the trillions.

(click)Preferences for such people are entirely legal. The federal government’s definition of “Hispanic” for both the census and affirmative action guidelines is, “a person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. Since preferences apply “regardless of race,” a person qualifies for affirmative action even if every one of his Latin American ancestors was a white slave owner. And slavery was much more brutal in Latin America than in British North America.

In the first two decades of affirmative action (the 1960s and 1970s) its rationale was to redress the effects of slavery and post-slavery anti-black discrimination. During this period, “black” and “minority” were used interchangeably, and arguments about affirmative action were about whether past anti-black discrimination justified present discrimination preferences

At the beginning of the 1960s, when white Americans tried to come to terms with the legacy of slavery, unelected government bureaucrats included Hispanics in the same “minority” category as blacks. Neither the public nor Congress discussed or even noticed this bizarre categorization because Hispanics were then such a small percentage of the population. Minority status, in turn, resulted in relabeling Hispanics as deserving non-whites and generating a myth that Hispanics had suffered the same type of discrimination as Blacks.

So where do we stand today. A reminder that Blacks deserve their due, the Hispanics do not. Blacks fought valiantly in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. Not to say that natural born Hispanics did not, but they were not discriminated against, they were not prevented to vote, they were not enslaved.

Click here for “National Council of la Raza” Effectively this socialist organization’s philosophy is simple, “take from the rich give to the poor, demand placement for Latinos in jobs in the name of diversity when a more qualified person (white in most cases) has the better credentials and last but not least, fight for the right of illegal aliens to not only stay in the United States, but to give them free everything.

Click here for Jorge Ramos quipping that there is no invasion of the United States.

“There is no invasion. No one is invading the United States,” Mr. Ramos said. “Mexicans are not invading the United States. The undocumented population has remained stable at about 11 million for the last decade. So those are the positive things. The negative is that this is the ‘Trump effect.’ This is created because of the policies of fear, and xenophobia and cruelty.”

The Univision star sent a different message on Fox News just one day earlier. Mr. Ramos told told Tucker Carlson on March 8 that America, for all intents and purposes, belongs to anyone who crosses the border — legally or illegally.

So we call for the BLACK LEADERS to break away from the past PARADIGM and look to the future where your voice will be heard; if you don’t do it now, you will never have a voice again. Please shout as loud as you can, your future is at stake. Your community has gone in reverse, progress is at the very least a standstill.  The marauding bands of Hispanic/Latino leaders have usurped your hard work and no pun intended, “BLACKENED YOUR LEGACY.”


The old shibboleth persists, Jews have the purchasing power to buy elections, buy politicians and buy public opinion. Last but not least, they can’t sway public opinion anymore than those without money. Except for The New York Times, which by the way rarely supports Israel, the major media companies such as the Washington Post, CBS, CNN, ABC, are on the whole anti Israel and in most cases seldom get into the fray.

Well, you see how November 8, 2016 went, Hillary got gobsmacked on election night. The word around town is that George Soros poured $50 million or there abouts into her campaign. That was money down the drain. Buying elections is a figment of the imagination; the loser, in most cases, blames their loss on money. This is another falsehood, money might give you exposure, but appearance, strategy, management, character, message and like-ability are the differences that a voter makes on who they will pull the lever for.

This bring us to none other Bernie Sanders, who by the way is of the Jewish persuasion. To manifest his independence he has hooked up with Ilhan Omar; an anti Israel and Jew hater provocateur. This has given her some currency in the Jewish community. However, those are the people who looked the other way when Hitler ascended to the chancellorship should see the Democrat left ultimate design.

At a Minnesota rally at which she endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for the Democratic presidential nomination, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., proclaimed that the socialist senator from Vermont would end “Western imperialism.”

Despite the bevy of public statements showcasing Omar’s deep-rooted anti-American sentiment, Democrats still refuse to disavow the first-term congresswoman. In fact, they consistently rally to her defense.

Omar boasts the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other prominent members of the party, who even went so far as to neuter a House resolution that was meant to condemn Omar’s anti-Semitic comments.

Democrats haven’t even tried to remove Omar from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs — the powerful committee that guides American foreign policy — despite her disparaging attitude toward our own country as well as many of our closest allies.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar drew sharp criticism for a message she shared on Twitter in response to the news that businessman Leon Cooperman plans to support billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s potential run for president.

“I wonder why?” Omar tweeted Saturday in response to the news along with a “thinking” emoji.

Ilhan Omar@IlhanMN


I wonder why? …

CNBC ✔ @CNBC Leon Cooperman says he will support fellow billionaire Mike Bloomberg for president


Her response caused many to assert that she linked Cooperman to Bloomberg because both men are Jewish. Omar, a Muslim, has been under fire several times since being elected to Congress for making remarks considered by many to be anti-Semitic, including a February tweet in which she suggested lawmakers supported Israel only for the money.

“It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” she said of congressional support for Israel.

Among many others, former tennis star Martina Navratilova, who supports President Trump, condemned Omar’s comment, writing, “This is a wrong thing to say Congresswoman…”

VOTING DEMOCRAT IS AKIN TO VOTING FOR THE National Socialist German Workers’ Party (aks NAZI)



We are free because of the Veteran. To say otherwise is a falsehood. For us here in America the bell of freedom continues to ring.  We owe a debt of gratitude to a Veteran. Would any of us like living under a Communist dictatorship or perhaps an ISIS run government? We think not.

The victory of General George Washington’s army with French(click here for President Trump commemorating WWI) support at Yorktown was the final victory in the War of Independence. His army comprised the first veterans, they endured hardships like no other; setting an example for future soldiers and generations to come, many who are alive today are Veterans of the most grueling of wars, WWII.

Our freedom is not free, daily we strive to defend ourselves from the evil forces out to destroy us. So today, when you celebrate Veterans Day, remember why you are here and who you are. Perhaps you may come across a veteran in your daily routine, stop for a moment, shake his/her hand, thank him for a job well done.

Arlington National Cemetery Logo


The history behind Veterans Day


Yovanovitch communicated with Dem staffer on ‘delicate’ issue after complaint, emails show, despite testimony

EXCLUSIVE: Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, a key witness in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, communicated via her personal email account with a Democratic congressional staffer concerning a “quite delicate” and “time-sensitive” matter — just two days after the whistleblower complaint that kickstarted the inquiry was filed, and a month before the complaint became public, emails obtained Thursday by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show.

The emails appear to contradict Yovanovitch’s deposition on Capitol Hill last month, in which she told U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., about an email she received Aug. 14 from the staffer, Laura Carey — but indicated under oath that she never responded to it.

The communication came “from the Foreign Affairs Committee,” and “they wanted me to come in and talk about, I guess, the circumstances of my departure,” Yovanovitch testified, describing Carey’s initial email. “I alerted the State Department, because I’m still an employee, and so, matters are generally handled through the State Department.”

Yovanovitch continued: “So, she emailed me. I alerted the State Department and, you know, asked them to handle the correspondence. And, she emailed me again and said, you know, ‘Who should I be in touch with?'”


Nothing is truer than that. The computer geeks who rule California know all to well the truth to the above statement. Well with the likes of Dr. Moonbeam who ruled the roost on and off for 16 years, plus 4 more as attorney general, what else would you expect. Governor Newsom for that matter. Two birds of a feather flock together.

Fires everywhere, burning not only scrub, but peoples lives to the ground, are not only the fault of the power company, they are directly related to the dereliction of duty of the politicians. Fires aren’t the only thing that has afflicted California; cities like LA and San Francisco have had to deal with thousands upon thousands of itinerants who defecate wherever they see put. Trump warns that Federal Funds will be pulled.

A firefighter douses flames from a backfire during the Maria fire in Santa Paula, California
from BBC News

New laws have been passed that have handcuffed the police. Anyone caught stealing goods with a value less than $950 cannot be arrested, thanks to Proposition 47. Gangs have looted shops throughout California, the stolen goods are exchanged for cash to professional fences that have camped out to on the public square. Shopkeepers have no defense except to shut down their businesses.

California knows how to treat their taxpayers.

The Democrat controlled legislature has never seen a tax they didn’t like. Californians pay the highest income tax in the country. Need we tell you more? Gangs run rampant in the major cities. Incarceration is a recruiting ground where gang activity prevails. Police fear to tread on their turf.


What we are seeing today is an attempted take-down of a legitimately elected president. The progressive scum on the other side has from Day 1 gone after President Trump. The recent vote manifested their hate. However, all is not lost. Before the November 4, 2020 election we shall see things falling into place.

Behind closed doors the wheels of justice are working. Ask the Demorats? They are afraid of John Durham, a no holds bard prosecutor. In addition, Inspector General, Michael Horowitz will soon release his findings of how, what, why and who broke the law when submitting documentation to the FISA court. Expect a bombshell on this one. But before the final months of the elections, most likely September 2020 we will see the chains being brought out.

Expect the likes of Brennan, McCabe, Comey, Rice, Page, Hillary Clinton, yes “Lock her Up” and ex-President Obama to be on the receiving end of an indictment or subpoena. Those are the main players, lower dirt bags of the Deep State will also feel the full pressure and weight of the law.

When this happens, the Public will finally understand how crooked our government is. Everyone covering everyone’s ass, no matter what the crime. Fortunately we have an Attorney General who has no allegiance to the Deep State. Barr has their scent, is on their trail and will soon track them down. This does not bode well for the Demorats come November 2020.