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Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
The battle outside ragin’
Will soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’

Young whipper snappers are at the door

“Chuck Schumer f—d us,” a Democratic aide told Vanity Fair last week.
“Schumer threw all of the House Democrats under the bus and he will pay a heavy price for that,” another Democratic aide told Politico.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus last week called the measure a “betrayal of our American values,” and one that they will “not forget.”

A few of the rabble rousers have taken it upon themselves to warn Chuck Schumer. The warning is simple, “your days are numbered.” Like AOC taking the reins from an old hag, we are 100% certain that Senator Chuck will meet his match in the next election.

This brings us back to the old days, you remember the song, The Name Game by Shirley Ellis.

It goes like this :

Come on ev’rybody, I say now let’s play a game

I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name

The first letter of the name

I treat it like it wasn’t there

But a “B” or an “F” or an “M” will appear;

And then I say “Bo” add a “B” then I say the name

Then “Bo-na-na fanna” and “fo”

And then I say the name again with an “”f” very plain

Then “fee fi” and a “mo”

And then I say the name again with an “M” this time

And there isn’t any name that I can’t rhyme

They will have fun using Chuck as the name.

When all is said and done, Chuck will be made to “EAT IT” just like the Republicans made Pelosi “eat it.”


Jimmy Carter, who’s brain has been impaired by the radium pellets embedded into his thick skull during his most recent bout with cancer has had a double effect on his ability to think like a normal human. The malady he suffers is compounded by the radiation bomb that penetrated his body while on a nuclear submarine. Although we thank him for his service and supported him as well (unfortunately – thought he would be a Southern conservative) his best days were during his peanut picking time down on the family farm with brother Billy who was owned by spirits of one kind or another .

But Carter has gone too far, alleging that Trump is an illegitimate President. Back a few years, as memory serves us correctly, it was Carter who supported the Mullahs in their overthrow of the Shah of Iran. Carter was weak when it came to negotiations with Iran, played like fiddle by by the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

President Trump fired back at former President Jimmy Carter’s suggestion that he’s illegitimate president, saying Carter is “the forgotten president” who’s not only “trashed” by his own party but also remembered only as being “terrible” for the country.

Trump addressed the comments made by Carter during a news conference Saturday following the G-20 summit in Japan, saying that although Carter is “a nice man, he was a terrible president,” before noting that “he’s a Democrat and it’s a typical talking point.”

He added that Carter is “loyal to the Democrats” but “as everybody now understands, I won not because of Russia, not because of anybody but myself.”


“He’s a nice man, he was a terrible president. He’s a Democrat and it’s a typical talking point.”— President Trump

Carter said Friday at a Virginia forum that “I think a full investigation would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016.”

Incidentally, Jimmy Carter indicated the election in Venezuela was fair and proper leading to the election of Chavez; Contrary to all other organizations monitoring the election who believed it was a complete fraud. Carter is anti Israel to the last drop, a trait inherited by Obama.



Back in 1979 Jimmy Carter, then President, made the fateful decision throwing the Shah to the wolves. Since the, the wolves have devoured their prey in one country after another. Obama see the success of the Carter paradigm doubled down on it. Leaving Iraq which gave Iran free reign to conquer the Middle East. Now Obama is presenting the Mullahs with the Mother of all Weapons, the nuclear bomb.

Obama continues to wage a war on America, adhering to the Chinese method of torture-death by a thousand cuts – the anointed one is losing one country after another. The shot heard around the world was Obama’s gutless cut and run from Iraq;  the vacuum provided the incentive for the ruthless Islamist entity, ISIS,  to run rampant overt Syria, Iraq and who knows what else. The second failure was Obama’s lack of intestinal fortitude in standing up to Russian regarding the Crimean incident, bowing one more time to Czar Putin.

Continuing on his quest to American serfdom he is cajoling the Jew hating, American hating, Western Civilization mullahs in Iran; next stop is the imploding situation in Yemen, Nigeria. Nor is he taking a cue from King Abudullah of Jordan to bomb ISIS into smithereens. By not supporting a all out war on the Islamic cancer, which is tantamount to surrender, the Muslim in the White House is guilty of treason.  The only true friends of Jordan in the Middle East now are Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

“Egypt’s President Abdel- Fattaha al-Sisi minced no words as he lectured the most prestigious Muslim clerics at the nation’s venerated seat of Theology, where he told them that without reforms akin to the western world’s Reformation and Enlightenment, Islam has no future: The president’s team however, still refuses to use the “I” word in identifying the ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, and al Qaeda “extremists” or “activists”, who continue their faith-based recruitment of young Muslims around the globe to their Islamist terror cults. Many of the president’s supporters are afraid that any such admission would feed another beast-Islamophobia.

1978. Failure to back Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, America’s friend in the Middle East, Carter pulled up stakes which allowed the self exiled  Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to seize power. Prior to Khomeini’s return, mass protests erupted, many deaths resulted, shocking the country and damaged any attempt at reconciliation between the Shah and the opposition. Khomeini immediately declared that “4,000 innocent protesters weremassacred by Zionists“, and gave him a pretext to reject any further compromise with the government.Add in the taking of American hostages under the watch of Jimmy Carterallowed the Iranian Mullah power grab to cement the theocratic rule by the Supreme Ruler.  Additionally, the American embassy was seized and 52 hostages taken which united the country. Not until Ronald Reagan rode into office did Khomeini take heed. After 444 days the hostages were released. From then on Iran became a soviet type state in the hands of the Revolutionary Guards.

Today we Barack Hussein Obama bowing to, subservient to, supporting, guiding, patronizing, cheering for and most of all lobbying for the Iranian theocracy. For the past two years the Iranians have played theNorth Korean card; negotiate in bad faith while developing the nuclear weapons you swear on Allah not to develop. Obama is another Jimmy Carter by allowing the Iranians to enter the nuclear club.

(click for speech)General Abdel-Fattah al – Sissi did not let the Muslim Brotherhood do to Egypt what the Khomeini’s did in Iran, he took the necessary action that brought Egypt back from the brink. No one in the civilized world, accept Obama, will not admit that Egypt is a lot better off under the General. But for Obama the Egyptian coup was heresy; his Muslim Brotherhood was dealt a striking blow.  When Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates stand together against Obama the freedom loving people of the world know that Obama stands on the wrong side of history.


The presumed stars were rolled out for the 1st debate. As expected they flamed out, gravity sucked their innards like a black hole. What they did prove though is how out of touch they are with the main stream. Each candidate was tripping over radical social policies that would make Karl Marx blush.

Believe us when we tell you that free health care for illegals is just the start, the next debate will usher in monthly stipends of $4,000 per month, then to upstage that a free house in every pot. These heroin addicted wannabees can’t stop one-upting each other. When it is all said and done, the defense budget will be excoriated with the savings distributed to the modern day leach sociopath couch potato, homeless street sleeper in LA and Frisco and the rest for reparations to anyone who is non white. Oh by the way, their excuses for Venezuela imploding are too much to bear; Trump is to blame. Can’t get any better than this.


The Capo dei Capei is never outed, those are the rules. Live by them or your dead; this applies to the Obama administration. Gun runner Eric Holder was not investigated to the full extent possible because Obama sent out the word, no way. Investigators were told to f… off. New regulations were issued to ward off the investigators.

The IRS targeted us, the Tea Party. Lois Lerner was responsible for approving 501c4 exemptions for Tea Party related entities. She took the 5th amendment when called to testify before Congress. But don’t be fooled, her orders came from the top.

A more serious crime though has been committed, one that will go down in the annals of history. That crime is to try to steal a presidential election. The FBI and CIA were weaponized for political purposes; they targeted the Trump campaign, planting evidence, lying, supplying false information to the media. Not only that, these monsters at the FBI and DOJ let “lock here up” off the hook. The fix was in, “an insurance policy.”

However, it is not over until it is over and Bill Barr and no holds barred attorney John Durham are uncovering the cover-up. Believe us when we tell you, Democrat operatives and apparatchiks are lawyering up as we speak. Jail awaits many current and former officials. SUIT UP BOYS!



The results are in, this was to be the reelection of the election to cement Erdogan’s one man rule. However, things for this ruthless Muslim Brotherhood dog did not go as planned. Remember he called for new elections after his man took a Hillary type beating just a few months ago, calling in to question irregularities. Erdogan could not accept defeat. That was the irregularity. Now the 2nd election results are in. Erdogan took it on the chin, knocked out for the 2nd time as his man was pounded once again. Sounds like a Hillary rerun.

Turkey’s opposition set to win rerun of Istanbul’s mayoral vote

AK Party’s candidate concedes defeat after initial results show CHP’s Ekrem Imamoglu leading with 53.69 percent.


Reparations” the new buzz word in politics, the flavor of the day, the politically correct campaign theme, the warmonger call to revolution. The more of these sleaze bag politicians bring up past injustices, the more inflamed and divisive the right and left wing become. What we have here is the perpetual gasoline on the fire of hate and retribution. Obama was responsible for igniting this fire, simmering at first now gaining critical mass.

But don’t be fooled by the politicians who hate their skin color (whitees) and the ones of color who have repeated the benefits of political correctness. Many of them are filled with hate as they continue the old shibboleth “we have been left behind” because of racism and bigotry.

Back to reparations, first off who is responsible? Not the government, from a historical prospective the United States didn’t have a plantation, they didn’t have slaves working for them. So this begs the question of why would anybody in their right mind force the government to pay reparations for acts of individual plantation owners. Oh so the government condoned this, well the government condones numerous things that people don’t like.

And reparations, people of color are forget who came first, the Native Americans. If anyone deserves reparations it is them. But put this in perspective when it comes to $$$$. How much has the United States spent on WELFARE, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, HOUSING, FOOD STAMPS, INCARCERATION, POLICING FOR THOSE WHO SAY WE WANT REPARATIONS. Our bet is Trillions upon Trillions and it is still ongoing.

Give us our money back first, then we will talk about reparations. Not a fat chance you will get one red penny. We owe you nothing. Zilch. Got It?