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Big race today in Kansas. The Democrats have poured millions into the campaign of Republican Chris Kobach (see below) in his primary fight against Roger Marshall. They figure that Kobach is a lead pipe cinch of getting his ass handed to him in November by his Democrat opponent. That is why a Marshall win is so important it because it all but guarantees a Republican win for this important senate seat.


Mystery, Democratic-linked super PAC meddles in Kansas GOP primary



Why do Democrats continue to emphasize the right to mail in voting? Because they know that the only way for them to win is via fraud. As was the case in 2016, they tried but were not able to cross the finish line. So what have they done since? They tried impeachment, then they brought Mueller in on a fake FISA warrant for Carter Page, they they went after Flynn because they knew he would expose the Russian fraud hoax. And on and on.

Back to the Nixon-Kennedy election of 1960 we find this:

In Fannin County, which had 4,895 registered voters, 6,138 votes were cast, three-quarters of them for Kennedy. In one precinct of Angelia County, 86 people voted and the final tally was 147 for Kennedy, 24 for Nixon.

On and on it went. The Republicans demanded a recount, claiming that it would give them 100,000 votes and victory. John Connally, the state Democratic chairman, said the Republicans were just “haggling for headlines” and predicted that a recount would give Kennedy another 50,000 votes.

But there was no recount. The Texas Election Board, composed entirely of Democrats, had already certified Kennedy as the winner.

Proven instances of voter fraud 1,290

Criminal convictions 1,113

(CNN) A city councilman and a councilman-elect are among the four people charged with voting fraud related to the May 12, 2020 municipal election, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced Thursday.Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez, Shelim Khalique and Abu Razyen have been charged with criminal conduct involving mail-in ballots during the election.”Today’s charges send a clear message: If you try to tamper with an election in New Jersey, we will find you and we will hold you accountable,” Grewal said in a statement. “We will not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”

Types of Voter Fraud

Types of voter fraud include intimidation, vote buying, misinformation, misleading / confusing ballot papers, ballot stuffing, incorrect recording of votes, misuses of proxy votes, destruction / invalidation of ballots, and tampering with electronic voting machines.

  • In order to obtain a “free ID” they need a certified copy of a birth certificate which costs from $10 to $45 depending on the state, a passport which costs $85, and certified naturalization papers which cost $19.95. As an added catch-22 obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate usually requires a government-issued ID.
  • The “free IDs” could cost tax payers millions.

So make no mistake here, voting fraud does exist. As Federal procedures require a State approved driver license to book and embark on an airline in the United States as of October 1, 2021 (delayed one year from 2020).

Ok, so what is the solution? Any person who is eligible to vote should be able to. An eligible person should apply in person for a birth certificate at the appropriate the department of Vital Statistic, if they can’t physically be there, a Zoom video or equivalent will do. Of course it must be verified to the nth degree. A certified birth certificate will be issued free of charge. However, to reimburse the locality, the department would then send a certified list of the applicants to the Department of Homeland Security with social security numbers for reimbursement. That will solve the problem once and for all.

And those who need certified naturalization papers will apply to the Federal Government Agency that initially certified the individual, most like a . And this is very simple. No money to change hands. All the person has to do is provide proper documentation, such as a Birth Certificate identifying the individual. So where is the problem? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, will provide Certified True Copies and return these along with the supplied documentation to the requester.


OMAR AND TLAIB slowly climb the stairs of the gallowing day that awaits them. The executioners (voters who are sick and tired of their filthy mouths) wait for the moment on November 3 to pull the lever.

And what brings us to this point in time? As you know, these two Suicide Bombers making up one half of the squad, have proposed Zimbabwe legislation that will nationalized private property. Omar wants to bring Somalia to the the United States. Our suggestion is that we sender her back to Somalia and bring the United States to Somalia.

OMAR PULLS THE MUSLIM CARD WHEN REFERRING TO TRUMP – “These are people that are very much invested in creating a toxic environment, that are invested in a president that not only has a Muslim ban, but invested in singling out the only member in Congress who actually comes from one of those countries that is on the Muslim ban,” she said. “So it is clear that not only does he not want me in Congress, he doesn’t even want me in this country.” NOW THAT IS A VERY GOOD IDEA.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, took heat on Friday in a Democratic primary debate that saw two primary rivals attack her record in Congress, and question whether she is the “nightmare” she claims to be for President Trump.

But while her polarizing remarks on subjects such as Israel and police reform have won plaudits from left-wing activists and media outlets across the country, at home it is complicating her re-election bid. Melton-Meaux has outraised Omar, reporting $2 million in his campaign coffers as of the end of June, nearly double of Omar’s $1.1 million cash on

On Friday Omar defended herself from concerns about payments made to her husband’s firm, which has reportedly received more than a million dollars from her campaign during the 2020 cycle. She was asked specifically about $600,000 that went to her husband’s firm in the first three weeks of July. SHE HAS NO ANSWERS, A THIEF AND LIAR IS ALWAYS A THIEF AND LIAR. SLUTS are only interested in the BENJAMINS. Get the picture?



LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Michigan’s primary features a viable challenge to an incumbent congresswoman and campaigns for two U.S. House seats where a Republican and a former GOP member are retiring.

Tuesday’s election, which is being marked by a surge of mail-in absentee ballots during the coronavirus pandemic, also will shape races in November for a couple of potentially competitive congressional districts that Democrats flipped in the midterm.

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Detroit City Council President (CLICK HERE)Brenda Jones will have a one-on-one rematch after a close 2018 race.

Remember Tlaib, she is the Muslim suicide bomber, anti-Semitic Jew/Israel hater, who called Trump a Mother F…ker. Don’t believe it? CLICK HERE. Her sewer mouth is enough to give you an indication of the trash she came from.



Hussein Obama, who at one time gave hope to the Black Community, but floundered badly. The question is what did he do over his eight year presidency to help his Brothers? Absolutely nothing! But he certainly paid tribute to the Islam street. Remember him playing golf on Christmas Eve with the Malaysian Prime Minister Razak. The same Najib Razak who is now doing a dozen years in the iron bar hotel for stealing $1,000,000,000 from the poor Malays . We assume he will be taking many knees during his vacation.

Keep in mind that Hussein shoveled billions to Iran during his tenure, signed momentous agreements that placed the jeopardy of the United States at risk. His black moment came when he through Israel under the bus at the U.N. Obama, in case you haven’t concluded yet, was a slave himself, being shackled by the chains of his Muslim upbringing. So that brings us to his eulogy for the civil rights leader John Lewis.

Obama took the moment to press the Democrat thesis that the Republicans are anti Black by suppressing the Black vote. Then he went in to his diatribe by insinuating that the Republicans are bringing back the era of Jim Crow. Not to be outdone he went back five decades ago to George Wallace. The problem with Obama’s stance is that he tries to convince Blacks that Trump and his fellow Republicans are against Blacks from voting. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact very few Blacks have been charged with illegal voting, neither has it been proven that Black voting has been stifled.

To be CRYSTAL CLEAR HERE, OBAMA doesn’t want Blacks from voting Republican, that is why he uses tropes from the days gone by. Click here for a gentlemen by the name of Herman Cain who was a simple man, but an inspiration to the Black community. He just passed and is a quintessential example of what the Democrats don’t want the Blacks to emulate; the successful, the thinker and the doer. And mind you, Mr. Cain was a staunch Republican.

Obama, though has done more to harm the Black community than the aforementioned Republican who he accused of denigrating. For instance, Obama saw to it that Blacks accused of minor drug offenses serve their full term, although they were not a threat to society. And it was Trump who passed the “Second Chance Law.”

However, we don’t want to kill the messenger; Obama had one good recommendation. That was to declare the first Tuesday in November after the first Monday a National Holiday. Obama and his minions continue their invective regarding voter suppression and voter I.D. laws. For God’s sake the people have four years to get Voter I.D.s in terms of presenting credentials to registrars. And why do they not have a photo I.D. when they show up to vote? The only reason we can think of is BECAUSE THEY ARE VOTING ILLEGALLY. But this is not a Black issue, this is an issue which afflicts the illegals from south of the border.

BLACKS have been portrayed as Stupid by the Democrats, they have been portrayed as today’s cotton pickers with no mind of their own. Trump has convinced them that they are independent thinkers with a mind of their own, and able to make their own decisions. This has ignited the Democrat pervs from fighting back with lies, past innuendos and malicious falsehoods from days gone by. But remember the Democrat Party was the party of slaves. The Republican party under Lincoln freed the slaves. Democrats controlled the plantation states, Republicans did not.



A study awhile back involving the analysis and makeup of those seeking psychiatric treatment, in addition to those who were in State institutions revealed some amazing statistics. They found that the majority of those institutionalized were from middle class to upper class families, proving once again their mental instability, violent rages and confrontational personalities.

The study also determined the makeup of those who sought psychiatric help, either by a psychologist or psychiatrist, and low and behold the numbers were almost a spitting image of the institutionalized subjects. Not to be outdone, the researchers were able to delve into the personal lives of the families. And they were shocked to find out that 95% of them voted Democrat. This explains the fruit cakes who are trashing our cities, burning them to the ground, raping innocents, killing bystanders and murdering police. Further research confirmed that the upbringing of these miscreants had little or no supervision; in fact many of the parents charged nannies with disciplining their children, the others were left on their own because the parents were more interested in their own careers than their children’s mental health. And you see where that got them.

The only solution to neutralizing the violent behavior of these individuals is to admit them to State mental institutions. Many of the erudite set will think different, but they have no solution other than let them loose on the streets where they will create havoc of their own device – think of San Franshitsco.

This is not cruel or unusual, individuals who cannot be responsible citizens must be reeducated; if they can’t, then retraining, calibrating of their minds is the answer, think the newest in mind altering drugs; many pharmaceuticals that will accomplish this task, such as brain erasers. Going one step further, surgical procedures, such as lobotomy preorbital lychonomy have also proven to work extremely well. So to that end the solution to a normalized society is evident.

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Mental Asylums: Haunting Vintage Photos From Decades Past
Mental Asylums: Haunting Vintage Photos From Decades Past


House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told “Sunday Morning Futures” in an exclusive interview that “we’ve now expanded our investigation, full-blown investigation, into the Brookings Institute.”

So let us be clear here, the Hillary Clinton lynch mob attempted to deny candidate Trump from being president, then when he whipped “lock her up’s donkey” they went into overdrive.

The question has to be asked that after four years of Democrat Deep State maneuvers to destroy Trump’s presidency (fake impeachment, fake Mueller investigation, fake news) will Trump, if he loses, not step down from the Presidency? And if he doesn’t, will he be justified? GOD DAM RIGHT IT WILL BE JUSTIFIED. THESE DEMOCRAT PERVS HAVE COMMITTED TREASON TO THE NTH DEGREE. THEY HAVE SABOTAGED THE CONSTITUTION. THEY HAVE COMMITTED PERJURY. THEY INSTIGATED A COUP D’ETAT. BRING IT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP.